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  • Talked to my regular client yesterday about looking at his laptop to clear some spyware, I find out later he died this morning :( 42 years old, heart attack. Reply
  • Camera enemy spawn test in Unity Alice Reply
  • UA has some amazing new post processing effects. Reply
  • "I love having to play a single player game with a persistent internet connection!"  -said nobody ever. I really hope Maxis get's it head out from EA's ass, don't treat your client base like pirates . ... Reply
  • Fuck me, I'm so sick of my political science class.  My two week break couldn't come any sooner Reply
  • Kind of obsessed with The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve 3) , so many unlockables! Reply
  • Behind on my cable bill, looks like I'll be tethering my iphone for the next couple of days. Reply
  • Getting some new uses out of my abandoned PSP Reply
  • Having the worst headache right now!   Reply
  • So... The Android version has got some problems (to say the least) Reply
  • On my way to hooters in west covina with my bro Reply
  • Sitting on my couch watching Xena with my cat wile drinking a cup of liquefied crack AKA: Java Reply
  • Just unlocked my iPhone, now I don't have to worry about traveling blind :D  .  A big warm F*** you to AT&T with love, you can't stop me from modifying my own personal belongings Reply
  • I really shouldn't be watching Xena from 11 - 2 AM every night... Reply
  • Been crazy busy this week, just got in contact with a professional artist with a degree in music to possibly do our score for UA.  Sent off the assets to Omri Koresh, should be an interesting month.. Reply

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Twigs-192 2013-4-9 11:37:13
I'm gonna stop doing updates on SpicyWorld, catch me on facebook/twitter/VK/ and Deviant Art
Twigs-192 2013-3-20 02:59:01
New video
Twigs-192 2013-2-26 17:02:35
some new screenies of UA:
Moxxie 2013-2-17 19:40:40
Hello !  
Twigs-192 2013-2-5 02:31:59
What happens when you introduce Inverse Kinematics without rigidbody constraints?  Here's the IK fail video from project UA!
Twigs-192 2013-2-3 10:40:45
IK Fail video coming soon!
Twigs-192 2013-2-2 06:41:02
What do I do with all my forum Jew gold?
Twigs-192 2013-1-26 16:59:39
Oh fml, the jumping bug is back in UA with a vengeance. On the plus side the animations are getting way better and the character won't slip off moving platforms like my last condom did :P
Twigs-192 2013-1-12 15:27:29
A big shout out to all the guys at Cloakworks interactive!  It's rare to find a company that openly gives you support on a product that you have yet to purchase a pro license for.   Next month it'll be in my budget ;)
Twigs-192 2013-1-10 14:13:55
Still working on the combat, got some basic knife moves.  Trying to keep things closer to AMA
Neutron15 2013-1-10 13:17:07
Nice work, what about the combat, is it updated
Twigs-192 2013-1-9 08:06:29
Another update on Project UA
Twigs-192 2012-11-24 15:58:12
Last video of UA with the beta model.  Hair is done
Twigs-192 2012-11-17 13:49:06
Almost done with Dynamic hair for UA
Twigs-192 2012-11-10 01:17:08
We take all idea's into consideration and hold regular votes since this is a community project, Thanks for following us :)
CarsonTaylorOfficial 2012-11-9 11:34:12
Hey, its so awesome that your creating Unity Alice! Saw the forum where you were discussing an official title and months ago my friend and I were coming up with new possible Alice titles and the one I thought best fitting for the story line of UA was Alice: Escaping Insanity. Just an idea.
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