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  • NameDTBIncarnate
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1989 Year 2 Month 24 Day
  • ConstellationPisces
  • SchoolUniversity of Minnesota
  • CompanyThe company of myself.
  • InterestsGaming, Modding my computer when I don't know what the hell I'm doing, long walks on the beach (just kidding I live in Minnesota, the cold version of hell)

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Riksh 2013-5-4 20:00:45
Congrats with lvl7)
Moxxie 2013-3-21 19:04:41
Hardhorse 2013-2-28 05:08:31
Ooo oooo I'm a pisces too! 2.25 !! dooood! you almost have the perfect b-day! Your outa Minn? I'm outa CA, USA! USA!! USA!!! LOL o_O
KimiSage 2013-2-27 03:16:35
DTBIncarnate: SPAM!
Moxxie 2013-2-26 20:42:20
DTBIncarnate: This is a message. That is all.
Distraction 2013-2-26 20:32:10
DTBIncarnate: A wild Incarnate appears.
Moxxie 2013-2-23 07:37:18
DTBIncarnate: Chillin' like a villain.
Now thats a boss  
Moxxie 2013-2-23 07:11:40
DTBIncarnate: Hello, Moxxie's wall.
Hi there ! Watha Doin?
KimiSage 2013-2-11 07:51:44
DTBIncarnate: I think I played for a while on Kongregate, but stopped because I got bored, or it lagged too much for me, I forget. I may give it another shot.
Yeah, its downloadable too. I have it on the computer and it's super fun
KimiSage 2013-2-11 05:53:05
DTBIncarnate: I stopped playing for a bit, too much money to know what to do with, and waiting on the rest of my kickstarter items.
Play crazy fairies. I'm kinda stuck on playing that game lol.
KimiSage 2013-2-11 04:48:50
DTBIncarnate: NEVER
Lmfao! Okay there :P Hows Akaneiro?
KimiSage 2013-2-11 03:24:17
DTBIncarnate: That's quite a nice wall you have.. it would be a shame if something happened to it.
This amazing.
KimiSage 2013-2-11 03:23:44
A lot of spam------USE REPLY (or they dont know you replied lulz)
Yuri Bankai 2013-2-11 02:14:41
DTBIncarnate 2013-2-7 14:59:02
KimiSage 2013-2-7 14:40:43
You have to reply silly.
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