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  • NameHardhorse
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  • SchoolHuh?? what??? ppl actually anwer this ?!
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456321 2013-7-12 01:46:32
Duke 2013-3-10 20:04:01
Hardhorse: OOooo nice look!
cheers :)
mido_raizen11 2013-3-6 01:02:18
Hardhorse: Hey look at this white wall
LOL, thanks for accepting the inv.
Distraction 2013-3-3 03:59:09
Hardhorse: Thanks!!
Don't tell anyone but the "cowboy thing is a tad ironic-y for me.
Of course like many U.S.A.-ians I loved cowboys in my childhood....
A ...
I don't play akaneiro,I play big head bash a bit.Im thinking about to start playing it.
Distraction 2013-3-2 02:13:52
Hardhorse: I  guess "cowboy" doesn't really do much fer ya huh?! well that's okay... but I'm cool with stock cause it's....  COWBOY!!!!

<snerk> ...
...again I didn't say its not nice.
Dr.Mosby 2013-3-1 09:51:43
Hardhorse: heh ummm... whats going on in that avatar??
i was just trying to make some nice pic for offense to the bull
Distraction 2013-2-28 22:10:39
Hardhorse: R u kiddin! Didn't you hear me ?!!! It's called COWBOY!!! LOL!!!
Em I know I didn't say that its not,I said its premade from spicy and everyone can use it.
Chaos379 2013-2-28 17:58:35
Hardhorse: Ive never felt so inferior in al my life!
U mad bro?  
tobasko 2013-2-28 06:42:13
Hardhorse: Hey thanks for the invite!!
hey! you're welcome ^^
Hardhorse 2013-2-28 06:27:21
wth Howed I get to be a lvl 4?
Distraction 2013-2-28 05:35:54
Hardhorse: Ah well I found a stock cowboy one... It's called cowboy! had to have it... heh
Yes thats from spicyworld,if u want to get your wn background take the image and upload it.Its easy if you can't find how feel free to message me back.
Distraction 2013-2-26 20:33:00
Hardhorse: Yeah it is a good back ground, I want one too!
Search on google images
Hardhorse 2013-2-26 09:43:17
HAA!  My background is called Cowboy!!! Lol!
Japanes 2013-2-26 04:52:32
it probably removed-(
Hardhorse 2013-2-26 01:20:24
Do all Akaneiro players have a b-day in Feb?
Hardhorse 2013-2-25 08:53:35
Awesome it's my birthday in China!!!
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