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Worban 2014-1-24 22:31:05
I've definitely noticed the Raid Bosses are not as crazy hard as they were before the patch. Yes, they are still difficult, and they should be. But they've eased up so group participation has much more of an impact, than it did before the patch. To give you an example, some purple bosses that were insanely hard, I could only hurt like 5-10% of their total health before the patch. Now I alone, am able to damage the same boss for upwards of 20% of their health. Also, let's not forget: th ... ...
deaucho 2014-1-24 18:35:45
Hey bro can I just check with u? Did u think the raid bosses have gone crazy again after the quick reboot? I can barely hurt them just like how crazy they were before the latest patch. My team died easily in 20 seconds which could last for about 1 minute before the reboot.
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