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The future of Akaneiro ROADMAP [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-3-5 16:05:30 |Show all posts
Hi everyone.

As you all know, we are a very "open" developer and like to engage with the community as much as possible for...well... everything.  Feedback, bugs, opinions and of course general nonsense banter too  

In the spirit of this, we would now like to show you where Akaneiro is headed over the next couple of months.

UPDATE 05/06/13 !!!!!!
Well, that jpg is now no longer in date, but as it said, these things are open to change.

We don't have a new picture for you, but here's some text instead about what the next few months has in store !!

·         **Materials

Late June will see theintroduction of material drops from enemies and significant drops from the Areabosses, with the chance and quality increasing with the difficulty of theMission.

·         **Crafting

With Materialsdropping that means the Crafting vendor will open his doors, allowing playersto upgrade the Element, Enchant and Gem attributes on the items.

·         **More Areas

Area 7 (MelonFields) will be releasing in the coming month with following planned contentupdates to include Area 8 (Temple Depths), Survival Pits (horde style waves),as well as the Raid missions especially created for multiplayer.

·         **Multiplayer

We have begunworking on the multiplayer aspect of the game with internal testing expected inJuly.

·         **Leaderboards

Social elements ofthe game such as Chat and Leaderboards where you get to compare with the otherHunters out there.

·         **Abilities and Masteries

More Abilities andMasteries to train based off of your base Discipline stats. Choosing yourDiscipline stats on level up will define your character in more meaningfulways.

·         **Helpers

Easy access and usefood and drink plus updates to Spirit Helpers through adding a leveling systemto increase their effects on the player once summoned.

·         **New Mission Types and Enemies

Expanding existingareas with new mission types over the next coming months to create a more broadexperience for the player.

- Flight

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Post time 2013-3-5 16:28:41 |Show all posts
Sprint 2 of Overflow appears to be already impossible, since Area 6 is still not up as of now (3/5/2013).
I understand the "All delivery dates are subject to change"
but maybe this chart should be edited to reflect the current situation.

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Post time 2013-3-5 16:57:24 |Show all posts
Very nice indeed =) I am pretty sure it will probably take more time then evaluated here but good to see on what you work on.

I see second currency? Why and for what purpose? I thought everything stays all karma?

Keep up the good work.

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Post time 2013-3-5 17:13:04 |Show all posts
speechless.. overwhelmed with excitement

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Post time 2013-3-5 18:04:09 |Show all posts
Chibi Akaneiro Hunter <3

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Post time 2013-3-5 18:57:01 |Show all posts
5678tyui replied at 2013-3-5 09:28
Sprint 2 of Overflow appears to be already impossible, since Area 6 is still not up as of now (3/5/2 ...

If you see over the black bar with dates, you'll see "11 Mar, 2013 New Build".
Area 6 is in internal testing right now, so nothing isn't delayed yet.
The color lines shows production shedule, not release dates.

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Post time 2013-3-5 19:25:58 |Show all posts
Edited by Popengton at 2013-3-5 19:34

Nice one guys, this also coincides with a project management subject I'm doing so this is extra awesome! Exciting to see the SCRUM theory I've been learning put into a commercial plan.

Keep rocking!


Actually would one of the devs like to chime in on how a project is managed at Spicy Horse? Very curious!

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Post time 2013-3-5 20:59:44 |Show all posts
looks good to me

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Post time 2013-3-6 00:47:47 |Show all posts
Very interesting stuff! Hope one of admins can expand it and explain bit more. You got me all curious now.

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Post time 2013-3-6 00:56:20 |Show all posts
Edited by Garland at 2013-3-6 01:08

I deeply wish I could see this, but unfortunately my phone disagrees with zooming in at a reasonable resolution.
Edit: Got it. Thanks for that download button. I'm curious about the second currency and the lockbox/key thing. Is it safe to assume they'll only be available for people paying or is that yet to be decided?

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