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Possible Bugs and Suggestions [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-3-7 07:27:05 |Show all posts
So i've been playing this game for a couple days now and wanted to give some feedback.

First i wanted to say that skills really should have some numbers in their tooltip...
and on that note i think leveling up skills either changes very little or nothing at all...
(for example caltrops and iron thorns didn't increase their dmg after lvling from lvl 1 to 2)

Another 2 possible bugs seem to be with weapon masteries...
For me, dual weilding doesn't increase main hand dps if i add an off hand weapon.
And with two handed weapons i couldn't manage to stun any1 except when having a stun mod on the weapon.
Or does  'increased chance to stun' actualy mean you need to have a stun mod on your weapon?
anyways...just to reapeat myself...actual numbers for tooltips would be really appreciated here aswell.

as for armor masteries...i feel that at least so far with only minor mana regen mods medium armors are by far superior whatever you wanna do...having chi prayer basically gives enough health to make regen from heavy armor pointless and movespeed doesn't really feel that helpfull aswell...

finaly i wanna add that a stash to share loot between one's chars would be really awesome...cause right now it's kinda meh if you find your 1st blue weapon just to realize it's sadly worse than a white weapon 1 lvl higher and you can just npc it...

anyways...fun little game and i hope you can make it even better =)

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Post time 2013-3-7 07:33:08 |Show all posts
Leveling skills changes an algorithm that would be very hard to communicate in a blurb, but I agree there should be some sort of notice about what it changes (Caltrops 3 adds a chance of Fear I believe?)

and iirc Dual Wielding is broken on some level. Don't know many details, Cass could probably answer more.

As for a shared stash, it has been confirmed it's coming at some point, but not when (unless it's been added to the roadmap, I didn't look it over that much.

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