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Author: mido_raizen11

4/3/2013 Update [Copy link]

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I think the same way, but I don't think they will make Karma Crystals available for the non buyer. That's the point in creating a second currency. The only way to get crystals now is waiting everyday for the log in gifts.

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Well, at least there's some way of obtaining them for free. I agree that it would be cool if they were a rare drop or something, the crystal food items really should last longer too.

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Post time 2013-4-5 00:36:51 |Show all posts
Ryustaris replied at 2013-4-4 03:33
It's easy, if you put items in a currency that can only be obtained by real money, non-buyer players ...

You seemed to forgot, that this game doesn't have any adverts in. And it means that those 80% of users that don't buy anything stress servers, that are not free, and are not giving any earnings for developers. In fact, they're generating loss for company. And any online game must generate income to keep going.

And think about it. The premium foods don't give you anything different than karma ones. So do the shinigami scroll. It's the same thing, only slightly better. And in fact, they're cheaper than karma ones when it comes to pay with real money. It's much better to buy crystals for premium options, than to buy karma now.

I think that their decision is understandable and shouldn't really hurt anyone. The one kind of currency idea just don't encourage players to buy anything. Rather pushes them into grinding (why pay if I can get this by myself?), and most of casual players find grinding frustrating. The new items idea is rather a kind of different advertisement, not real change for game.

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Post time 2013-4-5 16:37:14 |Show all posts
Actually if you do the maths in comparison to Pet and Food it still comes down as cheaper.

I guess they wanted to balance out the prices to make the pets more viable which does make sense since pets last longer and give a higher buff stat and you can stack them w/ the food items.

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RocK_M replied at 2013-4-5 16:37
Actually if you do the maths in comparison to Pet and Food it still comes down as cheaper.

I guess ...

Pets are supposed to last longer but last time I used one i felt like it disappeared after I finished the map run and not before the timer ran out (was a sub-30 minute run).

And I don't think anyone was saying food is more expensive than pets, just that food now costs more and lasts so short it's kind of cumbersome to take what you need on an overrun map.

I'm down to only using plum wine for my grind, instead of my usual g. snap, m. tofu, and the power one combo.

I don't usually use summon spirits, if there was a loot one I might but I can't see ever needing energy regen so bad I'd drop 1.2k on it. I do purchase XP food stuffs on new characters though.

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Edited by mido_raizen11 at 2013-4-5 12:19
AkkyWakky replied at 2013-4-5 05:50
Pets are supposed to last longer but last time I used one i felt like it disappeared after I finis ...

There's a bug on the spirit helpers. If you log in and summon one, it will last 30 minutes, BUT, if you summon it again it will disappear after each mission. If you log oout and in again, Summoner Shimizu will give it for free since it says Already Summoned but it will still disappear after each mission. So, you need to close the game and open it again so it will last another full 30 minutes.
And having to use each food every 10 minutes it' starting to get annoying. I usually spend 4-6 hours a day  grinding, the 30 min buffs were so much better. Now I have to buy like 50 of each every day XD

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Post time 2013-4-6 06:20:57 |Show all posts
Origami replied at 2013-4-5 00:36
You seemed to forgot, that this game doesn't have any adverts in. And it means that those 80% of us ...

As a Gameserver owner myself, i agree with you in the matter of "to sustain a game money is needed", thats totally right.
What i meant is, the most important thing of all is to have the 80% of non-paying people. Why? easy, if not there wont be users, and if there are no users those who would pay will not play this game because of the lack of other users.. its a cycle!
So, the first thing that ruins a game is unbalancing stuff for donator players. The idea is to manage some system so as it dont unbalance.

What i said about buying karma is "the way to go", if you put a little expensive the foods in karma, a normal player should farm and grind a lot and the buyer should get it in the moment.
Thats the main thing that should separate a buyer froma a non buyer.. TIME!

Whant this super item? Buy karma.. if not, get your ass sitted and grind!!
Result, those who want to spend 72hs grinding will get the "Super item", those who have no time for that or just bores them would pay.

Furthermore, im thinking about Co-op and PVP.. i wouldnt like to fight against someone who can get items that i dont.
(and im not saying i wont buy stuff, cause i am buyer, but just an advice for the server)

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Post time 2013-4-6 07:47:04 |Show all posts
Ryustaris replied at 2013-4-5 23:20
As a Gameserver owner myself, i agree with you in the matter of "to sustain a game money is needed ...

Yeah, but karma is still too easy to obtain via farming. And they can't nerf it more because players will be angry and leave. Doing insane prices also won't help. Only way to go around it is to put up better versions of existing things in other currency, and they're doing that right now.

They said many times that there won't be any powerful items in paid currency. Only cosmetic and convenience items. Things that allow you look more cool (probably dye system and look-changing items without stats - I'm only guessing), things that allow you do some things easier than non-premium ones (shinigami scrolls and premium foods) or save time (I belive they're planning to sell directly raredrop crafting materials iirc)

They always were saying that the game won't be pay to win one. I don't see why we shouldn't believe them. Neither Big Head Bash nor Crazy Fairies are P2W, but both of them have paid currency that are working pretty well. They have experience with two currency game model.

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Post time 2013-4-6 08:40:28 |Show all posts
Agreed. Honestly most of the "premium" items are just convenience items. You can still grab a spirit pet as an equivalent.

Also just a small clarification about what I said... I wasn't really comenting on food being cheaper than pets per se. I was just mentioning the change would be so that pets would actually be more viable as an option for passive buffs. Instead of buying food for whole stage buffing you would grab a pet and then use the food for *additional* buff stacks on top of the pet say for bosses or farming. In a sense the pets are meant to take over the slot food items used to do.

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Post time 2013-4-8 11:50:50 |Show all posts
Hey guys.

We hear what you're saying, and it's certainly a fine line to tread, but we're still trying our best not not lock out any areas of the game.  Eg.... you can still revive without paying real cash, but the option is there for people to super revive if they so chose.  Same as food, you can get buffs, but the option is there for super buffs if you want.   It's all about choice and we've not made anything unreachable..... plus.... you know.... free Crystals in the daily rewards   

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