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[Suggestion] Weapon Enchantment System [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-4-4 09:31:42 |Show all posts
As far as i know, later on there would be a crafting system.
Wouldn't it be cool that crafting a weapon, puting abilities in it and then enhacing it?
There is known in other games this system and i think that its really great.

A safe enchant up to +3 and then an enhacement to maximum +12 (?)
Like in other games the monsters (or the bosses) could drop a Jewel or a Scroll to enhace.

Or envolving the crafting system, for eg.
Taking 10 Boss Jewels, it makes a 30% enhace scroll
Taking 20 Boss Jewells, it makes a 50% enhace scroll
with more Jewels more % of succes.

Furthermore, the enchantment system could also make a garphical impact.
a +3 to +12 enhaced weapon could turn to a different colour or have a glow in it..

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Post time 2013-4-14 01:39:28 |Show all posts
this was already part of the crafting system before u brought it up

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Post time 2013-6-5 05:05:10 |Show all posts
Might be the wrong place to ask, but is there a due date on the crafting system?

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Post time 2013-6-5 13:41:40 |Show all posts
It will be ready "soon". Still no the exact date though.

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Post time 2013-6-5 15:00:29 |Show all posts
We've just got the first implementation of it in our internal build currently, and well.... there's a reasonable amount of bugs to fix  

I'm still semi hopeful for 2-3 weeks !
(Personal opinion)

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Post time 2013-6-5 15:05:11 |Show all posts
Wait, WHAT!?  I get an answer of "soon" and then someone actually comes online and gives me an actual (albeit non-official and probably inaccurate) update as to when "soon" is?  WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?

I think Spicy Horse just became my favorite games developer ^_^  Although, to be honest, I'd pretty much decided that when I saw a Let's Play for Madness Returns...

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