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Patch Notes 2013-04-16 [Copy link]

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Hail Hunters!

Below you’ll find a list of changes contained in the latest update. It's mostly bug fixing while we work on a much larger update coming in a few weeks

  • Resurgence damage is now scaled off your highest base stat
  • Daily Reward notifications have been fixed
  • Enemy path-finding has been improved
  • Item rarity colors have been improved
  • Karma collection sound has been fixed
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Happy Hunting!

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selling things in shop has a weird sound now, probably because it's too long and it overlaps itself when fast selling all the items in the inventory.
also, i don't know if it's right as planned, but on some locations monsters are able to go off the map, sometimes too far away and what's even worse, they can still attack. then, when killed somehow while they're there they drop loot that is unreachable.
and why is there no option to dismiss the one summoned? or is there? because sometimes it's really necessary to get rid of his company as he hinders the farming process after the location was secured.

not sure if i did this all in a right thread but still thanks.

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I reported that sound when selling, but FlightTribe told me it's the new FX for selling.
I would like an option to dismiss partner as well.

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