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More creature variety. [Copy link]

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Why not have more enemy type in the game like the Japanese myth that any object that aged 99 years old and above will become yokai. This believes is most popular when dealing with ancient weapons like a sword or any kind of objects that is used for killing a lot of people or take a lot of life and as a result drenched in blood. Dolls, mirrors, scissors are extremely common. Also how about a poltergeist effect like creature where a cursed object containing vengeful spirit as its core and other objects just float around attacking players and players need to destroy all the objects in order to defeat it. That could become a nice boss battle with multiple parts to destroy.

Also the legends that animals  are able to become yokai after living to very old age. Yokai evolved from cat, monkey, fox, snake, centipede and spider are especially common in stories and manga.

All of these can be tied into the game with explanations that the evil, supernatural energy coming from all the Yokai is causing all these violent supernatural phenomenon. Also, maybe I can get the classical demon eye and floating orb of fire in game as well?

That way the game will have more enemy types and much more interesting to play.

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Yeah, I agree 100% with you. We need Tsukumogami.
I already sugessted that. When I played Yurei Caverns for the first time I got really dissapointed that there's no Yurei at all in there XD IDK why the named it  like that. I'm kinda sick of all of the wolves already -.- There's so many Yokai to chose from...

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mido_raizen11 replied at 2013-4-29 23:23
Yeah, I agree 100% with you. We need Tsukumogami.
I already sugessted that. When I played Yurei Cave ...

From what I understand, the Japanese believes that the Yokai are the product of human emotions, positive and negative. Jealousy, vengeance, grieve, greediness, lust, anger, fear and basically any negative feelings human have are believe to give birth to Yokai that are specially harmful to people. All the Yokai that is born this way also takes over the property of the emotion they are born from such as a Yokai form from lust will be a beautiful woman that is good at seducing male and then lure them to their death.

I think the developer can use that to create a lot of very interesting Yokai as well.

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Yea, I would like to see some classic yokai as well,I mean, Toriyama Sekien made 4 books with ukiyo-e prints of 'em in 1700.
There's plenty to choose from.

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