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Author: EliParker28

Questions towards any one with answers. [Copy link]

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You both have good points, can't argue with em'. Although I may be concerned at the game being always online. I have just read that in Facebook. They said it would be a single player game with multiplayer etc. BUT they said they would like it to be in online mode. With the scandal of being always online mode (Diablo 3 & Simcity) do you think it's a good idea?  I think not. Besides, the server may be overloaded with people and people waiting in queues. And they need to have a big budget to have a strong server that can handle traffic like Eve online (that space ship mmo)

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Can you quote that ?

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I really hope that American McGee learned his lesson and make Alice single player only, and with a strong story..

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I understand the reason companies want always online games, and trying to stop piracy is something I'm all for. From what I hear though, always online doesn't really stop pirates from cracking games, and only serves to annoy the people who actually want to pay for the game. It really sucks not being able to play a single player game simply because you don't have internet access, or the servers are down.

The big reason I don't like games that require servers to play, is that in the future the games might not be playable. Of course, these issues may or may not be real.

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Edited by marco_tueres030 at 2013-5-10 15:00

Here from their facebook page:

How much money will you be asking for in the Kickstarter?

The minimum we'd need to build a product of decent size and quality is around 1.5 million USD. That allows us to fund a 30+ person team for 12 months. The more we raise, the longer the team can work and the more content we can produce. The more funding we're able to secure, the bigger the initial game will be. Again, it's worth keeping in mind that so long as we secure the minimum funding, we'll be able to release an initial product, then constantly update and add to that product as time goes on. This will be a major improvement when compared to what we experienced after the launch of either of the first two Alice games.

Contained in this question you'll also find one of the reasons we'd like to make the game online. By building a server-based game we can push content and feature updates on a regular basis post-launch, so that the initial size of the game doesn't limit the eventual scope and richness of the product. Under this model we could be pushing new features and domains into the game for years to come.

Plus, a comment asking about the offline mode:

kinda confused right now - does that mean that the game couldnb be played offline or online will be just for those MP and social stuff?

I don't have an exact answer for you but if I understand the design accurately it will need to be online because we'll have dynamic spawns - meaning no two monster spawns will ever be the same. That requires you needing to be connected to the server.

What, they can't just make DLCs or something? Not everyone has a very stable internet connection, not everyone has a always online internet.

Right now, I'm in favor of OZ rather than an Alice game cause I'm very pessimistic about it. Kickstarting Alice isn't a bad idea but it's not popular enough like Dreamfall or some popular RPG that would be easily funded. But I hope it will raise enough to make a game and Oz would probably more popular than an Alice game and think of Oz created by Mcgee and company minds.  It would be probably amazeballs. I'm not sure whether you'll play as Dorothy or Oscar but think of the wicked witches as the protagonists! And the dark forest but you'll battle zombies tho because of the title Ozombie, I'd have much preffered evil flying monkeys.

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@Marco - Thanks for updating the thread. I'm not liking what I'm reading, the game shouldn't not be online. They can just make DLCs that are only available from their homepage and sell it that way. I truly believe that American McGee doesn't want to make single player games, his company just wants the F2P model so they can sell micro DLCs and a online always gameplay.

I really hope that American McGee comes on the forums and chime in and say that the new Alice will be a single player game that plays and looks like Alice: Madness Returns. For me it seems that Spicy Horse will base all their games on Akaneiro and a F2P social model.

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Fortunate new for everyone! An update from the Devs from Ozombie facebook page which I think Mcgee is operating:

An important note on Single Player Offline mode and DRM related to our upcoming Kickstarter campaign (whether it'll be Alice: Otherlands or OZombie still not certain).

The image below (pissed off Flying Monkey; early concept artwork from "OZombie") does a good job expressing the reaction gamers sometimes have when told a single player game might require a constant internet connection (always online) - something they equate to a form of DRM. While I think this sort of reaction ignores the general direction we're heading with entertainment - and I do not think it's necessarily bad thing (there's nuance in my position on this) - we're trying our best to listen and adjust our strategy in response to our customers... even a vocal minority.

So... all this being said, I've been working with the networking team to make changes to our cross-platform/device technology - so that we can deliver an Offline Single Player campaign blended together with Online Multiplayer inside of one game. Details are still being hammered out - but we now know we CAN deliver on this idea. There'd still be an initial online registration/login for the single player game, but once that's done you'd be able to play OFFLINE single player without a connection (and without re-logging-in).

Hope this helps to calm some concerns about either an Alice or Oz project, where a large portion of the game will revolve around a single-player narrative-driven adventure, blended together with an online multiplayer portion.

Feedback and thoughts on this are welcome.

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I don't mind making an account for a forum, but when it is mandatory for any game it awful. To me, it sounds like they are forcing multiplayer into the game so they can create mirco transaction.  

I'm wondering how is it that wanting a single player DRM-free pc game a minority?

I rarely login to facebook, and that is why there is an official forum webpage for Spicy Horse.  

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Edited by marco_tueres030 at 2013-5-22 00:20

Well, they gotta earn money somehow. Also, it's offline which means pirates will share it all through out for free. I don't see why they won't partner with EA since EA is notorious for it's greedy status and the recent Dead Space 3 which is bullshitted with Micro-transaction. Let's just hope if EA funds the game and do their micro-transaction thingy so they won't have to kickstart the game. Because, from what I've heard when a project doesn't meet it's goal at the deadline they won't get to keep the backed money because transaction never occurred unless they meet the goal.

And when they don't meet the goal it means the end to Alice in Otherlands or OZombie. I hope they use other sites similar to kickstarter that let them keep the money even if they haven't hit the goal.

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I truly believe that Spicy Horse can make profit off of their games. They first have to shift away from moblie games, which have weak controls, bad stories, and it is created to suck your money. Think of the old arcades, where the games were make for you to die as quickly as possible so you can put more quarters in.

I think Spicy Horse can make their own type of crowdfunding, by linking a paypal to their webpage and give rewards based on tiers.

About EA, I don't think they will give up the rights to Alice, as they will likely make it a moblie game with mircotranactions running from 99 cents - 99.99, or the game will be like The Simpsons Tap Out.

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