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Author: mido_raizen11

Karma Bug [Copy link]

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mido_raizen11 replied at 2013-5-23 05:58
Ah, I see, We'll have to wait then. I hope you guys implement another way to get karma crystals, asi ...

Explain to me, please, why game developers should be interested in players who do not intend to pay? This is a company as any other, and as long as network effect does not work, more players who don't pay mean more upkeep without benefits.

Every change you will see would be a change to force you to pay or to implement network effect and let players self-select: pay or not pay. This is how such business is done.

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Edited by mido_raizen11 at 2013-5-23 15:13

Why they should be interesteed in players who doesn't pay? They shouln't. You'r eright about that, but  they PROMISED during the kickstarter campaing, that the game was going to be F2P no matter what. And it was. Until this update when they fucked everything up. With the cooldown system and all the restrictions they made, it's not fun anymore. And they keep us from playing more. They're making all this changes for Steam and the crafting system, I know, but don't screw the people who donated to your cause telling them that the only use for Karma Crystal is going to be aesthetic and all that. Now you cannot even revive without them!
With the actual development rate of the game, and the HUGE time between signifcant updates, they're gonna lose a lot of players. And I don't think the % of people buying karma/ karma crystals is more than idk 5 or 10 % of the total. The game doesn't have anything else apart from beating some stages, and now they fucked that too with hours long cooldowns .

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mido_raizen11 replied at 2013-5-24 02:09
Why they should be interesteed in players who doesn't pay? They shouln't. You'r eright about that, b ...

I understand your point. Thank you for clarification.

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