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Just wondering [Copy link]

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So hello

I decided to try this game because i was looking for something simple and fun (hard to find these days) and it seems to be just what i was looking for. I know its not multiplayer (yet) but look forward to the day it becomes such since i enjoy playing with my friend.

anyways as i was checking out the game i noticed there are three classes to choose from However i've become a bit confused about the details. I noticed in game that i had access to all weapon masteries and can learn and use any skill from any of the three types .

what i would like to know is are there any specifications or is this another game that has no set jobs/classes ? and players are free to just get whatever they like and go with the flow ?

For example im NOT a fan of defensive classes however im VERY much a fan of Two handed swords (and was thrilled to see not 1 but TWO types of 2h swords in game ) . Can i be the offense type class but master the 2h weapon style ? Or does any of it even matter?.

Thanks in advance for any information . I look forward to playing with you all in the near future .

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Edited by Origami at 2013-5-24 16:33

You get discount on abilities from your "starting class".
The power of each skill group increases with it's main stat.
Prowess main stat is Power, Fortitude is Defense, and Cunning is Skill.
It doesn't really matter what is the source of your stat.

On level screen you choose what "pack" of skill points you choose.
They're named the same as "classess"/skill groups.
You get following stat increase for each pack:
Prowess = +3 power, +2 skill, +1 defense
Fortitude = +3 defense, +2 power, +1 skill
Cunning = +3 skill, +2 defense, +1 power
You can mix them to get a balanced character stats, or increasing mainly the one you like the most.
Power increase your damage, Defense increase your damage reduction and Skill increase your critical hit chance. As you want to be offensive, I would recomend to go with pure Prowess build.

From current update there is also a stat prerequisite for each ability. That means that if you're pure Cunning, you will get access to more powerful Prowess skill much later, because your Power stat increase is slow. I can't say how exactly it works, as I already have all skills bought for a long time.

Weapon and Armor masteries are not connected to skills, and you can use them freely after you buy them. You just get for free ones that match your starting equipment, to grant you some kind of bonus from the beginning.

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So basically wanting to be offense i should focus on offense more than the others but i can use whichever weapon i prefer ?Thats really a nice feature .

Thanks alot for the reply its nice to see an informative HELPFUL community in this day and age.


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Yeah, weapon stats and features are not connected to class or other stats in any way. And even masteries only grant you a bonuses when you use mastered type, but there are no restrictions. You can use any weapon you want with it's full potential.

2H weapon mastery give you chance to stun enemies.
single 1H weapon mastery increase your damage on critical hits.
two 1H weapons mastery increase speed of your attack.

In fact, you can have all of them and use any weapon you'll find useful in particular moment.

And yes, if you want to play offense you should choose Prowess as your starting class and keep on choosing Prowess on level up screen as the +3 power, +2 skill increase should be most useful to your style.  However, remember that with small defense you'll be rather easy to kill, so you will get some kind of glass cannon type of character, and it would require some kiting when your health get low.

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