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Live on Steam [Copy link]

Post time 2013-6-14 00:51:26 |Show all posts
So Akaneiro just popped up on steam for £6.99, any deals for kickstarters or do we have to pay the full price again?

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Post time 2013-6-14 01:00:13 |Show all posts
I've backed this project with 135 $
I dont mind pay another small amount but the only thing I would like to see is that they let us use the kickstarter karma key again for the steam version

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Post time 2013-6-14 01:42:26 |Show all posts
The price seems to be not right. From the Steam forum:

GhostQlyph Vor 34 Minuten
I'm not sure what is up with this guys, I wasn't informed about this decision. I'll ask the team and let you know as soon as I possibly can!

Moderator - Spicy Horse Games


But I am happy to see it finally on Steam

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Post time 2013-6-14 06:48:54 |Show all posts
Accounts aren't linked.

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Post time 2013-6-14 08:22:32 |Show all posts
Won't accounts be linked? How should I know what "server" is best to play then...?

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Post time 2013-6-14 18:30:43 |Show all posts
You guys should check out the update =P

But in a nutshell if you were a backer you don't need to pay just email Ophelia and you'll get the key!

Meanwhile... i'm kinda torn. I've got decent gears on my characters on the SW servers (+ all the karma and lewt).. but Steam would be so much more convenient at times for me... decisions decisions....

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Post time 2013-6-14 21:52:56 |Show all posts
Our initial launch of Akaneiro across our SpicyWorld platform and Kongregate, though successful, simply hasn’t provided us with the necessary feedback to prepare the game for the next stage, for crafting and co-op. When Valve discussed placing Akaneiro in the Early Access program, we saw this as an opportunity to leverage the experience of the Steam community before opening the game to a wider audience.

Nice post from Steam.
To get more and better feedback you have to start a two way communication. It is that simple!
Yes, we got some information. The roadmap was nice at first, but it became out of date fast and we had no information. But most of the time you work for yourself. Then we get an update and we have no idea what you thought about most changes. We even have to find everything that got updated by ourself. Just a minimal changelog give us an overview.

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Post time 2013-6-15 01:17:52 |Show all posts
So - I have Akaneiro now from Debian repos. Should I switch to Steam? Will I get updates?

Do I have to pay to get game installed with Steam?

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Post time 2013-6-15 11:58:55 |Show all posts
Akurah Shi replied at 2013-6-13 17:22
Won't accounts be linked? How should I know what "server" is best to play then...?

Accounts won't be linked.

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Post time 2013-6-17 11:49:24 |Show all posts
Edited by breadfan85 at 2013-6-17 08:52

So... how is your overall impression from the steam version of Akaneiro?

One thing I noticed instantly that drop rates seems to me a bit higher than in stand-alone version. Is that so? For first 2 missions I get a full backpack of green items and 1 blue, which is never happened to me before.

Also feels like they manage to fix a cunning class, since when I've tried it in earlier beta stages. I had no problems with underpowered skills or instant deaths from a projectiles or when into mob fighting.

One question: what are those blue coins for? Seems like you can't achieve them by playing, aside from buying with rl money.

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