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26.06.2013 update review/discussion/suggestions/debate [Copy link]

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Edited by Tzuby at 2013-6-26 19:40

Awesome Things


Not crafting but stats upgrades are cool


a bit dead ....latest updates made the game dead, hope it turns around

Statistical Info

Nice to see the actual increasing from skills upgrades

Bad things


Cute now i got 600 power(from150ish) but no bonuses ... care to explain?

Item upgrades

Some take many mats some less ... why?

Mats Drop

We get them at end of the mission .. cool but what happens if we have a full inventory

Stash/Extra Inventory Page

Now we need to storage our items ... inventory is small what are we supposed to do?


Cooldown System Dropped

Drop the cooldown system, lower mats drop rate, lower item drop rate = happy farmers + constants flow of players + returning players


Brake its and have a low change of obtaining mats -

green 5%
blue 8%

Or any rates you guys are happy with

New Item List

So i for one would love to have a list with all the crafting materials that can drop and what stat it can be upgraded with.

Will constantly update it with info as i test the patch and you guys post good/bad/suggestions things with a small description

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Post time 2013-6-26 20:41:42 |Show all posts
@mats drop: if you have a full inventory you'll get a mail where you can claim your mat drops (this could be exploited though...)

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Post time 2013-6-26 21:22:12 |Show all posts
I agree with dropping the cool down

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Post time 2013-6-27 02:31:37 |Show all posts
I like cooldown system, instead of farming same map over and over again I am now forced to go through all of them if I want to play continually. It makes game less boring and ofc I could do it even w/o map' cooldown but in that case I would get less exp/cash etc. than possible.

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Post time 2013-6-27 22:56:54 |Show all posts
No cooldown system or there is no point in playing a dungeon crawler. If they are using the excuse so they can make money... well... people that are going to pay, are going to pay. Regardless. NO COOLDOWN! Or this game is dead. End of discussion.

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Post time 2013-6-28 05:40:40 |Show all posts
Hi guys,

anyone else lost their Health regeneration passive skill because you upgraded it to lvl 4 or 5?
its a huge disadvantage for tanky class please fix this

Why is  the first snow map so freaking tough? while the next 5 maps after that feel so easy ^^

With all the materials we need an extra inventory for the materials

The Chatbox is working yes.. but you cant activate it with Enter? You cant close it either with enter?  so annoying

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Post time 2013-6-28 07:29:12 |Show all posts
So many bugs

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Post time 2013-6-28 16:36:29 |Show all posts
Ok guys... i'll be a bit of a devils advocate here..

One simple question. How is Akaneiro supposed to earn cash w/o cooldowns? Sure were all gonna be happy little farmers here when that happens. Returnng players don't help if they don't spend on the game. How do you fund the game? Remember that it's still a F2P game. It needs to be monetised in some way w/o completely breaking the game balance. If everything is farmable and obtainable via normal Karma Shards. If we can go farm all day for mats who cares if its only 5-10% success for last tier of crafting an item. Just farm the same stage over and over again! You get mats and karma.

I mean they *can* increase the normal shard costs of the service.. but that's just extra farming anyway.

So if we *do* drop the Cooldown system then someone needs a *realistic* alternative for monetisation w/o resorting to inflating the in game costs?

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Post time 2013-6-28 18:46:56 |Show all posts
I can care less about the cooldown system now I just want the skills back to normal changing the skills was not necessary

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Post time 2013-6-28 23:49:46 |Show all posts
I noticed this about the skills as well. Yey for releasing untested garbage? xD @RocK_M, There is no point in playing a crippled dungeon crawler, More people will quit and then they will not make any money at all. I'd say that is a good alternative to the cooldown system right there. They could possibly make money selling blue crystals for the buffs, that is a better alternative to the cooldown system... There are lots of things they could have done aside from taking away from playtime. Everyone is looking forwards to the crafting.. they could charge to unlock that. Yadda yadda yadda.

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