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My list of bugs (22/33) and suggestions (9). [Copy link]

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Edited by Nitromand at 2013-8-9 13:45


1. Invisible monsters.
(need to test after latest patch)
While in mission 7-2 (Fallen Hero), i found a new way to have enemies go invisible. After you killed the 16 Kiwano Zombies, you will need to go down some stairs to a platform followed by more stairs. On the platform you will meet a bunch of Jimanju trees. If you run back up the stairs, they will sometimes go invisible when chasing you. A similar problem with a stairway and invisible regular monsters seem to happen in mission 6-3 (The Risen One). Here it is two Ghostclaw Cultist going invisible when they come up the stairs. Running them back down the stairs makes them visible again.

2. Stairway with a pit.

3. Mission ending too early.

4. Insane damage from mobs. (need to test after latest patch)
In mission 4-1 (Going Under), some mobs seems to have had their damage output increased way too much. I think it was on Easy/Normal/Hard difficulty, that the trappers seemed to have way too high damage (Around 600 per hit). Not even Chief Bloodfang does that damage per hit, so it seems to be wrong. I know trappers are meant to do such damage on “higher” difficulties in area 6, but certainly it must be wrong for the first mission in area 4.
When doing this mission on Overrun, you will meet magjaw spitfire. These are bugged for sure. They do around 1.200-1.300 damage per hit! OP much?

5. In front / Behind.


6. Mobs walking out of the map. (need to test after latest patch)
What is the point of having mobs walk out of the map? It happens in nearly all maps, and to me it makes no sense. Maybe someone should guide them back on the path, or atleast limit how far out they can walk. If they are only a little out of the map, you can always make them chase you, by walking near them (or throw some meteors on them etc.).

7. Open the shop/All level 1 items. (need to test after latest patch)
It happens rarely now, but every now and then, the game gets stuck when opening the shop, or there will be only level 1 items, no matter what level you are.

8. Settings not saving. (Still bugged)
Somehow, the game wont remember what sound volume or graphic level i set it to, from one game session to another.

9. Upgrade to something worse.

10. Speedy cooldown.

11. Floating chests.

12. Double bosses. (need to test after latest patch)
In mission 7-1 (A Strange Crop), two identical bosses spawn insted of just one. You have to keep killing regular mobs after the first one spawn (without killing the first one), to make the second one join the fight as well.
You complete the mission by just killing one of them, But you get xp/drops from killing both of them. So far it have been like a bonus for me, but it obviously makes the mission harder, having to fight 2 bosses at the same time.

13. Misplaced things. (need to test after latest patch)
In mission 2-3 (Shade of Moroko), there is a chest hovering over the ground. It's placed when you begin on your path down to moroko (after killing Smallwind). The chest is medium sized.
In mission 6-3 (The Rison One), there is a bone pile placed inside some stones on a platform.

14. Shingami Scrolls. (need to test after latest patch)
Sometimes, when you die, you get the option to use either Karma Shards or an Shingami Scroll, even if you have no scrolls. Rather often, it states i have 5 of those scrolls, while in fact i have none. Trying to use one of those 5 scrolls you do not have, will fail and give you a message that you do not have any.
What is bugged about this, is that now you don’t have the option to use crystals to super revive with, if you wanted to do that.
This bug show up after you have played atleast 1 mission in your current game session.

15. Elemental Resistance. (need to test after latest patch)
Looking at the character screen in game, nearly all the time, elemental resistance is looking weird. For example, if i have 2% Storm Resistance, it mostly shows as either 1,999998/1,999999/2,000001/2,000002. Would be nicer if it would just stay 2, as it should. This bug mostly shows when you return from a mission.

16. Animation on levers, Torturred Monks and Wood Sprites. (need to test after latest patch)
In mission 4-3 (Big, Bad, Bloodfang), the weapon effect animation show on levers and torturred monks, even though i don't hit either. Currently it shows the flame animation for "burn", but i suspect it's bugged for the other weapon effects as well. This also happens to the Wood Sprites in mission 6-2 (A Small Problem). What's the point of releasing them, when it looks like i burn them up upon freeing them?

17. Stats not showing the same. (Still bugged)
For alot of effects from items, it shows as one thing on the item, but hovering over the icons next to your character portrait shows something else. For example, i have 4,5% bonus to Armor on an item, but on the buff icon next to my character portrait, it says i have 4,5% boost to damage reduction.

18. Music disapearing. (need to test after latest patch)
When you collect big/huge ammounts of Karma "laying" on the ground, the music will disapear and return short after.

19. Sound too loud. (Still bugged)
in mission 5-1 (Early Winter), when you walk by the river, in the beginning of the map. Somehow, the sound gets extremely loud, even when i have set it to very low.

20. Monster stack. (Still bugged)
So far, i have only seen this happen in mission 7-1 (A strange Crop). Somehow, the Kiwano Zombies can be on top of each other, in the exact same spot. For example, in the beginning of the map, i spotted a yellow dot headed my way. Instantly when the zombie arrived, i slashed it and i died. It looked like i took alot of hits right after each other. Next time i circled around a bit, and soon they started to split apart. To me, it's rather bugged if we don't know what we are facing, when we are fighting "a" monster.

21. Spelling/Grammar/typo. (Still bugged)
In mission 7-1 (A Strange Crop), there is an error in the objectives text. The mistake is "destory nests", which should probably be "destroy nests".

22. Monsters/Bosses do no damage. (need to test after latest patch)
Sometimes you and some monster(s)/boss are headed to the same spot. If you manage to stand nearly on top of it, you will recieve no damage. It have happened quite a few times in random places, so it doesn't seem to be a map specific bug.

23. Chief Bloodfang missing animation.

24. Loading 10%-->100%-->11%

25. Wanted enemies with no rewards.

26. Crafting. (need to test after latest patch)
When you try to upgrade an item attribute, the game will bug out if you have 2 stacks of the material(s) you need. For example, if you have a stack of 99 metal and a stack of 2 metal, the crafting window will show as if upgrading the item. However, it doesn't deduct Karma or items and will automaticly fail no matter how many times you try. To fix this, i had to remove the stack of 2 metal. I'm not sure if the bug is caused by just having 2 stacks, or if it triggers because one of the stacks doesn't have an sufficent ammount of materials to the upgrade.
Also, once i tried having 2 stacks of Sapphire. One stack with 99 and one stack with 1. I needed 2 Sapphire for an upgrade, but when the upgrade completed, the game had deducted 4, so i ended with 96 Sapphires. I am positive that i didn't just forget i had tried twice, so it must be a bug.

27. Skin of Stone stun.

28. Companion doesn't update mana/hp bar. (Still bugged)
When fighting with a companion, he no longer update his HP bar when taking damage, and doesn't update his mana bar when using abilities. Also, if he dies, the portait stays there. When you return to the village, his portait is somewhat overwritten by the portait you need to click to get a companion. Sometimes this makes you unable to resummon him, unless you reload the game.

29. Already summoned spirit.

30. Skill limited to 6, but shows as 10. (Still bugged)
In the new skill upgrade screen, if you click on a skill, the level is shown as "X/10" with X being your skill level. But skills can't be upgraded to level 10, lvl 6 is the current maximum.

31. Masteries got 9 stars but can be up to level 10. (still bugged)
Looking at the new Masteries/Skill upgrade screen, you can see there are 9 stars for each of the Masteries. Each Mastery can be levelled to 10 (potentially), so why not have 10 stars? ;)

32. Complete on Hard to unlock. (need to test after latest patch)
In the mission difficulty selection screen, for all difficulties not unlocked it is said "Complete on Hard to unlock", even if you didn't complete Easy yet and selected Medium (or Hard).

33. Insane damage to mobs. (New Bug)
When i fight ice golems in mission 5-2 (Creeping Cold), i see that i do around 700-1300 damage to them. That is far from normal, as i usually only hit for around 175-325. Something tells me tht something is wrong this monster, perhaps in more maps as well.
Akaneiro bug detective ^.^

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Edited by Nitromand at 2013-8-7 13:11


1 - Make a buy back function (for same as you sold for). Nothing too fancy, but perhaps a tab that will clear when you exit the game, to avoid taking too much bandwith. It should be fine with just the latest 25 sales you made.

2 - Extend the time of spirit helpers, or make the expensive ones, cheaper. Currently, the price is pretty high, compared to what you gain while they are active. As it is now, they only seem to be a good option when running missions you just try to complete (those you find to be hard), not when farming xp / karma.

3 - Extend the time of buffs. 5 minutes just aren’t enough. It should be raised to 10 minutes at least. Perhaps some of the items will need a little price raise if doing that. Crystal ones should be raised to at least 20 mins, preferably 30 if you ask me.

4 - Make a bar from which you can quickly use an item from the inventory (buff items).

5 - Please make it possible to bring 4 skills. It would be much more convenient with 4 skills (rather than having to tab through 3 times 3), and it wont really unbalance anything, as we are so limited by total energy anyway. Even better would be making a whole bar of 8 or 10 slots.

6 - Character screen (in game) should show how much mana and health you regen per second with your current setup. Also, i think it should show how much Armor you have in total.

7 - Make a permenant bonus for completing missions on Overrun. I’m thinking something along the lines of 1% elemental resistance per mission. For example 1% Storm resistance per mission in the Storm areas. Areas without any element could possibly give 5 or 10 Permanent armor per mission insted. If 1% per mission on Overrun is too much, maybe give 1% for completing all missions in an area on Overrun.

8 - Change the way icons show our current buffs. It's rather confusing that we have to look at "buffs" from the items we wear, as we should already be aware we have those bonuses. Same goes for the Mastery bonuses (armor/weapon). It would be much better if it just showed bonuses from abilities we use and items (food) we use.

9 - Make a spirit helper that increases our chances for better drops. Rememeber to make it expensive, but don't overdo it..!

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Edited by competentfake at 2013-7-1 20:59

9. Upgrade to something worse.
When i try to upgrade my Thirsty III to Thirsty IV, it seems i am going from 40% chance to steal HP, down to 20% chance to steal HP. Kinda silly if you ask me. There is also another weird upgrade (for another category) like this, but i forgot where it is.

Raging is the same way.  

I have to say I'm also not thrilled with the way the % success goes down 10% every level.  Does this mean that upgrading to lvl 10 has only a 10% chance of working?  Seems like more of a punishment than a feature.

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Better to do not upgrade lol

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I've seen a few of these issues with the Linux client as well:

1. Invisible bosses / Wanted / Regular mobs. -  Reported  in bug/ticket
4775 - Akanerio Linux Clientisappearing Monsters

2. Stairway with a pit -  Reported in bug/ticket 4878 - Player disappear by falling Through stairs.

4. Insane damage from mobs - You mention the companion not waking away. Some times you have to walk pretty far way in order to get them to move. But I'm wondering if once your companion engages in a fight if they will break off if you pull back. From what I've seen I believe the answer is no. This would be good to find out. I've lost a few companions, because they seem to stay engaged in an attack.

18. Music disappearing - I've seen this with the Linux client as well. I haven't opened a ticket, but I may now. I thought this may have been because of my machine that I play on (Intel E2200 Pentium. it is kinda old. )

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Thanks! I couldn't remember what it was. Raging is bugged just like Thirsty. Not worth upgrading, that's for sure. I did try once to make Thirsty IV, just to see what Thirsty V would be. The game states Thirsty V will be 25% chance to steal HP.

Good to hear that others are reacting on the bugs
I haven't made a ticket yet, but considering the lack of response from developers (or who takes care of community management), i might have to.

I mentioned that my companion died, but didn't drop to the ground/disapeared as he should.
For your information, if you run back far enough, the companion will eventually break from the fight and follow you. It varies how far you have to move back, but in general you have to move pretty far, and the companion usually die before breaking up.
Another thing worth mentioning about companions, is that if they are out of camera view, they are often unable to kill whatever they are fighting. They will keep taking damage from whatever they fight, even if they killed their target. Only when they are in view again, the game will update that the target has died. Pretty lame if you ask me.

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invisible bosses and mobs seem to be a common bug i have noticed in 4-5 missions

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I can confirm #12 on the Linux client. I saw it today.

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Thread updated after latest patch.

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Found another typo: main objective in mission 3-2 "find theif hideout"

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