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Gameplay Feedback  Close [Copy link]

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Edited by War at 2012-11-1 23:33

So I just got done playing the first three missions of the game and I feel as if that is enough time to provide a first impression of the game. I'll split this post up into different sections and edit it as I play more later.

The sections will be:

-Balance Issues (most important)

-User Interface Issues (moderately important)

-Bugs (can range from unimportant to game breaking)

Balance Issues:
As of now, I have found several problems and when added together, they make this game far too easy. Why is this a problem? Well, first of all, if the game is too easy, then it won't be fun to play and it will turn off a large crowd of people, similarly if the game is too difficult, the same problems will occur.

1.) Karma, this is where the problem begins. As of now, it is too easy to get money. I'm not sure if this was intentional from the beta, but I purchased the best equipment from the vendor after just completing the first mission and had plenty of money to spare.

This problem is really caused by the ridiculous equipment drop rate. I picked up 40 pieces of equipment in about 10 minutes (I actually timed myself). Considering most of it will get sold or transmuted, this really gives the player too much money to play with. It eliminates the whole "Should I buy this item, or this one?" feel to the shop, because you can buy both items four times each.

Possible Solution: Cut the item drop rate by at least 50% and keep the karma drop rate the same.

2.) Skills, this is another issue, once again, I'm not sure if this was intended for the beta, but the player is handed a huge selection of skills of varying use from the start. I'm positive that this was done in order to get feedback on each skill, so I'll just go ahead and say that the meteor strike skill from the Prowess tree is overpowered. This is because there are no spell cooldowns.

Possible Solution: A fix would be to increase the MP cost or add skill cooldowns.

3.) Pets, I haven't tested every pet yet, but I did take notice of the flying cat. For some reason, it costs 0 Karma to buy the cat and 800 Karma to buy any of the other pets. I'm pretty sure that is unintentional and as a result should be fixed. The cat however, completely eliminates the value of Karma. It gives the player 18 karma for each kill which in my opinion, is a ridiculous amount. By the end of the third mission in the first area, I already had over 3500 karma from kills alone.

Possible Solution: Lower the amount of karma gained from each kill to 9 or even 6. I'll have to test all of the other pets to see if their boosts are just as intense as they could possibly all be overpowered. If that's the case, then the solution would simply be to raise the cost of each pet.

User Interface Issues:
Most of these have already been reported by other people on this forum so I'll try not to repeat them.

1.) No specific tooltips, chances are this is only temporary but the player should get a short description of spells when highlighting them.

Possible Solution: Add a short description to each spell.

2.) No item name is shown when an enemy drops a piece of equipment. This isn't really an issue once you play a bit of the game, but I remember when I was going through the first level, I didn't pick up all of the equipment because I didn't realize I could.

Possible Solution: Add a name to each item or add a "GET/TAKE" label on top of each piece of dropped equipment to show the player that he can pick it up.

3.) The two pages of the inventory are not the same. Not a big deal but I figured I should point it out anyway.

4.) Unspecific stats, attack speeds that say "Very Fast" or "Very Slow" are insufficient, numbers should really be provided instead. Also, if possible, a DPS calculator would also be nice but is not necessary.

Possible Solution: Specify the details of the stats on the equipment.


1.) I did see this guy in the corner, not sure if this was a glitch or if he'll have some use later in the game, or if I just missed something in the mission haha.


2.) Karma glitch, I don't know sure how this happened or if I just missed something due to me being tired, but I signed out and back in and it boosted my Karma from about 1600 to 4200.

3.) I'm not sure if this would get classified as a bug or not because it could just be caused by the use of the Unity Web Player, but I get a huge performance drop if I use Fraps to record gameplay. I get a constant 60 FPS according to Fraps when I'm not recording, but while recording it drops down to about ~40 FPS in low density areas and around ~25 - 30 FPS during intense combat areas.

System specs are:
-Core i7 2700k @ 3.5 Ghz
-32GB RAM @ 1333 Mhz
-Radeon 6950 2GB
-Windows 7 64-bit

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TL;DR haha

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Actually War I feel the same I only just completed the 2nd mission since I'm recording and simultatneous uploading vlog's of my gameplay with Akaneiro. But while commentating (I'm terrible at it btw) I say try to convey what I feel as a gamer while playing-

Maybe spicy will watch maybe not but while I'm blabbing I bring up a lot of things that generally I don't have time to write down while playing. I used to keep extensive audio logs when I did alpha's / beta's in other games so I could write them up when I would submit suggestions / bug reports.

As for your FPS drops you should probably try FFSplit I switched to mostly using FFS because Fraps was just being too power hungry on my laptop (Old rig burned up- literally)

Otherwise War great job- everything you posted was pretty much exactly what I had observed and noted in my videos which are on a playlist on my YT page.


Any way +Karma for you man, very well done.

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Thanks, I subscribed to your channel. I'll check out your videos more later, too tired to do anything right now haha.

I'll check out FFSplit, not a huge priority atm, I really think it could just be something with Unity Web Player, I can record 1080p Battlefield 3 at 60 FPS no problem.

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We are reading (and watching!) all the feedback about the game and do take it into consideration. There are many changes, improvements and fixes to come so thanks for your continued support and suggestions!

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Edited by olia.fjodorowa at 2012-11-2 16:45


too few character customatization options

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Yup same with Olia, I was expecting more character customisation, seeing as there were some hints at that in the concept art and I thought it would have been part of the beta haha
It'd be great to see more customisation when the full version is released.
Also is the USER GUIDE button under the client working for anyone? I was confused as to what to do at the start or what anything was.

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racheltoh replied at 2012-11-2 03:51
Yup same with Olia, I was expecting more character customisation, seeing as there were some hints at ...

It's closed beta. Most closed betas hide a lot of content for when it goes live because it doesn't have to do with the testing at the time; Especially customization. They want to focus on how the server and the levels are functioning. So that really isn't important at this time.

Also, the money inflation issues sounds scary. I understand that Spicy Horse probably wanted to eliminate the grind of receiving appropriate armor, but I feel a game should have a lower drop rate. Not too low, but not too high-just right for the sake of the economy.

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While the game does have a fairly high drop rate, consider the items that are being dropped. Most of the time, they are white items which have neither value nor use. The truly rare items (ie. blue) are much, much more difficult to get. Even green items have a lot of bonus variation, so it's difficult to find that one perfect item.

The issue of the economy is probably a closed beta thing. It allows us to explore and experiment with various armour and weapon combinations, without having to worry about not having enough karma if a better item comes along in the store.

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Though newbie items are the most often dropped, I think the main problem here is still that TOO MANY things are beig dropped. While the high rate of drops can be good for cashing up (once the karma drop rate is settled) but the problem I see here is that your inventory can fill up really quickly with all these items. It gets annoying to have to keep emptying my inventory so much because I pick up so much stuff from each mission. Getting better armour doesn't seem like a big deal with these high drop rates either.

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