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Crazy Over Powered Spirit Companion??? [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-8-26 02:59:34 |Show all posts
I am level 10, and I grabbed a spirit companion that was 13 (forgot its name), no big deal.

I get in an instance that is same as my level and get to work.  The spirit companion is a beast and is one shotting the boss.  So  after a while it is apparent that I am not even needed at all, so I let the companion clear everything for me. It is becoming so ridiculous after a few runs that I decide to put my NPC to the test and ran the highest level stuff available to me, and and I do this all the way to a level 15 run.

At this point I am actually trying to get my companion killed because I am beginning to think there is something not natural going on, as in cheating perhaps... as ridiculous as that sounds being an NPC and all.  So, I trail as many mobs as I can aggro back to my complanion and then, only with about 25 mobs swarmed on him does he go down.

So here is the question: what was up. Well geared, maybe, but come on.  The companion was obviously geared toward DPS seeing as it one shotted final bosses, but it also seemed like it could tank like a true tank.  As we all know, you can not have it ALL, you sacrifice one thing for another.

So how was all this possible?  All gear ranked all the way to max? Really? A level 13 player is just going to go absolutly nuts with crafting gear to the max when they will outgrow it soon? Come on...

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Post time 2013-8-26 14:42:18 |Show all posts
It's hard to say what happened here.  Do you remember the companion's name?  Then we'd be able to investigate.

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Post time 2013-8-27 18:13:09 |Show all posts
I made some tests with AI companions yesterday to find out whether your XP are reduced when summoning a companion (no, they aren't). My char was lvl 16 pure fortitude with a lvl 14 claymore and avg damage per second of 136. The first companion I summoned was lvl 16 prowess, armed with katana and axe. I can't remember her name, but she did 329 damage with every hit, one-shotting every enemy in my testing level (Stirring Spirits, Overrun). The second companion was named "greenimp" a lvl 15 fortitude with a Nodachi and 185 damage. The third one, "pistolinha", was lvl 14 prowess with dual-wield sickles and 289 damage per hit. Since they did with every hit exactly the same damage, I'm sure the damage output is set by the game engine and not necessarily identical with how much they do normally.

Of course these values leave me puzzled. My char has 340 power and wears a weapon with average damage per hit of 107. "pistolinha" with her dual sickles is level 14, so her weapon can do 47 per hit at maximum. To bring her to a damage per hit of 289, she would need a power value of nothing less than 5065(!).

Cheating? I don't think so. Two reasons: It seems to affect all companions, and there seems to be a large difference between prowess chars on one side and cunning/fort chars on the other.

There could be a bug or just a calculation error when the damage output for a companion is defined. On the other hand this could even be intended to make up for their lack of intelligence and ... survival instinct on higher difficulties. But this doesn't explain the difference between the classes.

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Post time 2013-8-28 13:23:10 |Show all posts
Well I'll forward this thread onto the relevant people so they can check it out and see if there's anything dodgy going on with the maths  

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Post time 2013-8-31 02:17:11 |Show all posts
I must agree with people above, you guys need to reduce scaling of companiions dmg it is funny that at lvl 24 im doing like 230~~ dmg per hit with 2h sword in while companion lvl 26 doing like 590 dmg with dual wield weapons what the hell.. all i need to pass stages is spam scream so my companion can 1 shot everything...eventually ill just kill the boss.

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