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Suggestions and my thoughts & bugs [Copy link]

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I've played this game for about a week and I like it a lot.  I see so much potiental but the state of the game is so uncomplete.There are some issues that keeps me from going further.

1)  Ping - I don't know where the servers are hosted but I'm playing this at 250 - 300 ping on average. (New Zealand player)
This makes me pretty hard to kite and also even if it seems like I've dodged the attack, the damage would pop up 1 second later, then death follows.
2)  Skills not scaling well with the stats - The higher level I get, the more I feel weak and powerless, skills not doing enough damage to make me feel the need to use them, I have better use for my energy.  playing fortitude character and auto attack with 2 handed weapon while only using mend and stone skin all day > using ring of frost, meteor rain eating up my energy bar.


1)  Selecting friend spirit - keep pressing the left or right arrow then eventually it will crash.

2)  Closing game - crashes everytime.
3)  Vendor Goto - I read on wiki that shes meant to sell only rare and above, right now shes selling some greens and also the shop never changes items?
4)  Meteor rain - Magma storm: duration is increased.  The skill still only damages the enemies 3 times regardless, so what is the increased duration for?  Only for enemies that came into the zone later?  Not to mention energy goes up.


1)  Lower the cool down time on the dungeons - some are ridiculously long.
2)  Better loots - I like there are so many drops to sell for karma but it just flat out sucks when its all trash.  Drop quality is too low, feels like 10% are green, 1% are blue, never seen a purple.  So hard to get the stats I like on a piece of armor from drops.
3)  Seeing red - meteor rain before seeing red = 45, after seeing red = 53, difference = 8*3 ticks = 24...  Worth my 400 energy?  imo, No, rather cast something else.
4)  Increase Buff times - 10 seconds is too low for that amount of energy.
5)  Escape Key - It closes some screens, not all.

Once again, I love this game and I feel it's 100x more fun than Diablo 3 but there are seriously stuff that needs to be balanced and fixed and implemented.

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What you say resembles the thoughts of many beginners here in the forum and I can still remember well when I was one of them. It will be an important task not only for the developers but also for the community to deal with those issues in an encouraging way now and in the future.

Some words about the skill system: At first glance it might look like  "simple Diablo clone #375615" since ALL of the skills were also available in D2, but this is misleading.

Rule #1: NO skill in the game is able to kill an enemy on higher difficulties. At least in an effective way. Thats the reason why there is no dedicated "Mage class" in this game. To kill an enemy you always have to use your weapon. Skills are intended to give you a tactical advantage when you are outnumbered or the enemy is stronger than you even in one-on-one. They can heal you, improve your fighting/kiting abilities or the give a chance to flee when it gets too serious. Meteor Rain was a damage dealer in D2, in Akaneiro it is one of the few skills which can slow your enemies from a distance. Not less useful, but requiring different tactics. This way, skills that scale well with stats are neither intended nor necessary.

Rule#2: Skills reveal their true strength on higher levels. Rule#1 explained why they don't scale well with stats. How do they scale then? With their level. And in a different way to what many people might be used to. Even levels improve their primary feature, uneven ones give additional effects which might be more useful than the original one. Example: Seeing Red. As you have noticed, on lvl 1 it is one of the most useless skills ever. On lvl 3 it improves your attack speed, making it extremely useful especially for Prowess chars. There are some skills which are helpful even on lvl 1, like Chi Mend, but in most cases you will need at least lvl 3 to get some help from them.

There are many other things to say, about char building for example, or the loot drops. Drops mostly serve as karma resource, the most important source for equipment are the vendors and the blacksmith. Since it is a pre-release game there is hardly any documentation for things like this, the wiki is outdated and still quite empty. I will try to be more active there as soon as I find time for it.

At last some words about the ping: I've got the same issues like you described (I called it "Lag of Death") and this is clearly the most frustrating thing in the game. My ping is normally around 50, but goes sometimes up to 1200, resulting in death when I'm already two screens away from the enemies. I'm situated in central europe and it is the only game which gives me those lags.

I agree with you that there are many things which need to be worked on, but the skill system is quite well balanced now and I doubt that there will be another major overhaul to it. It is just not Diablo. If you want more help, feel free to ask here in the forum.

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1a) - haven't tried but wouldn't surprise me...

2a) Yep, same here. Quite ridiculous. Also, i've had 3-4 blue screens while playing (such "serious" blue screens that i didn't even know they were bluescreens until restart. Screen going black, sound going screwy and then silence. I thought my comp fried the first time!)

3a) Well, i'm not going using karma crystals anyway, so i haven't noticed if Gotos inventory changes or not. But checking (this instant), "my" vendor Gotos inventory is completely blank. There is _nothing_ there at all.

4a) Yep, stuff like that is weird. Duration is listed the same. Ticks show the same. Huh? I'm guessing it's a combination of tool tip errors and visual bugs though (f ex ever notice how most bosses will hit you 0.2 sec into their attack animation rather than when the animation is finished?), and an extra tick (or who knows) might actually be there.

1b) Yep. Really no point. I read that at some point there was a thing like "overall world threat", which the lower it the better chances got of better quality loot. In such a way it would make sense to balance map timers to be able to lower the overall threat to increase chances, but without lowering it too easily. However, such a thing is not there anymore. At least not visually. And as far as karma farming go, well, 6+ hours cooldown on a map does not make in the slightest sense towards reducing karma farming. Being in beta is NO excuse. There is a lot going on that is simply... Weird...

2b) Yep. I'd go as far as saying green is less than 10%. And blue more like 0.1%. But who knows, random is indeed random. Better quality loot wouldn't really bother me if issues like lvl 5 items dropping on a lvl 25 map. And the reverse weirdness when something lvl 20+ drops on a low level map you just zipped though for the overrun bonus. Just... Silly... - Oh, and i haven't seen a purple either (and i DO check vendor Gato every 15 minutes or so for the chance of a blue with a stat combination i MIGHT want to buy - which haven't happened yet).

3b) I'm not using seeing red (although i'm full prowess, lvl 23 at the moment). But as Marrok mentions many of the skills become more useful later on. I do highly agree that skills should be scaled better. Or, that all levels should be visible so players can at least plan ahead on what and when something could be useful for their playing style.

4b) This ties in with 3b.

5b) Yep. There is a lot of missing stuff like this. Where is the key bindings f ex? There are more keys than the obvious, and the help index is not implemented. But the game is in open beta. Yes, simple barebones stuff like this SHOULD be implemented and stable once you open for public testing.

I can't help but wonder why you write "resembles the thoughts of many beginners here in the forum" in your first paragraph. If you aren't wondering about many of the same issues although you do not consider yourself a beginner anymore, then frankly, you have stopped caring. And looking at the forum in general, this seems to be the general rule of thumb, most likely since many of the simpler issues (which i can read has been around for ages) are not even fixed.

"To kill an enemy you always have to use your weapon"
That is simply not true. I'd raise that and say the opposite is true: Many of the mobs on difficulty less than your level are often able to kill you very fast regardless of crafting high health/defense/resists and what not. What makes you be able to kill them regardless of this is the skills that either disables them or attacks them from a distance/kiting (meteor, SoD, caltrops etc.). And utilizing that a player is instead able, with finesse, to clear maps of a higher level than their character.

"Skills are intended to give you a tactical advantage when you are outnumbered or the enemy is stronger than you even in one-on-one."
You are basically ALWAYS outnumbered, so that part is pretty null and void. See the previous answer above.

Regarding ping: I started playing just before the current patch, so i am pretty new. However, i went from 30ms pre patch to 150ms this patch. Tonight it has been more like 200ms+. And the massive spikes that you report as well. For a game in "pre-release", aka open beta, this is just not acceptable. Especially since it is obvious (from the chat) that very few players are actually active at the same time (unless they are doing something truly weird with the chat as well).

All in all, well. I enjoy playing Akaneiro at the moment. But i'm already getting tired of the system and i haven't gotten a single char to lvl 28 yet. I hope i will endure the ride long enough to have all maps 4 starred (almost there already) and max a char. But as it stands, there are just so many issues with the game that i do doubt it.

Now, if the game was in alpha testing or closed beta, i would have more sympathy for these issues. But as far as i can see this game has been in the works and in testing for quite a while (the akaneiro.gamepedia wiki was started in 2011). That's just too little work in too much time for me to think this will ever become a success in any way.

And that was my 2 cents and a few karma shards.

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