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[Akaneiro on Wine] - Text/Font Bug [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-9-28 04:03:29 |Show all posts
Edited by endafresh at 2013-9-27 15:05

So I've been able to start the game up working on Linux Mint under WINE but encountered a missing text issue.
This is in the .zip downloaded version.  I didn't bother testing the launcher.  The web version had issues working and I didn't care to go through the pain of a workaround.

Is there any way I can edit the config files to use a different non-Windows specific font?  Perhaps they're using Tahoma font or whatever.
I just need to know what file to edit to change the font of the NPCs speaking.

Fonts that I have that can also be used on both Linux and Windows:

Courier/Courier New
Times New Roman

The developers need to start opening their eyes to using cross-platform stuff instead of Windows-specific stuff.
It wouldn't hurt to use open/free fonts instead of depending on the installed fonts of the OS.
I do know Unity supports custom fonts if they're included in the same folder as the game.

I did a search but very few recent threads on Linux issues were found.
The forum search is terrible and doesn't work as well as something like Google Search so any preemptive idiots saying 'you should've searched' need to just shove it and stay silent instead.

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Post time 2013-10-1 10:45:10 |Show all posts
I've seen and reported the same issue with the Linux client (launcher).  Are you using an Nvidia card perhaps?  It was attributed to a bug with Nvidia driver and the game engine if I remember right.  

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Post time 2013-10-2 03:04:55 |Show all posts
Edited by endafresh at 2013-10-1 14:06

No it is on a crappy laptop (chugs a bit but runs fine) with Intel Integrated Graphics and outside of that text issue it is 100% working.
The Linux launcher never installed for me.  I was using Linux Mint and apparently something there prevents me from installing libtorrent, which is apparently 100% 'necessary' for the launcher to be installed.
Absolutely stupid to have it as a mandatory dependency, but whatever.  Should mark it as optional.
The hoops I had to run through JUST to get it working were atrocious.  They sincerely need to not bother claiming Linux support if they're gonna half-ass it.

Know what I would love?  Just gimme a simple .deb download.  No launcher no hassles just a native Linux .deb that's all.  Linux Mint and most other distros can use .deb just fine.  It is better than having to open a terminal to sudo apt get.

I just need to know what files handle the font display.  Then I can try changing the font manually and hope that fixes the issue.

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