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Bad grammar / walk-throughable items / general suggestions [Copy link]

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Hi, I started playing yesterday and it's very apparent there are many bugs and that the game is new so no worries about that. However there are a few things that struck me especially.

1. There are many grammar errors (or not quite errors, just things that sound very strange) in the text. Other times the text is breaking the mood, for example one shopkeeper says something very modern while others are trying to speak in an old-fashioned spirit. I would also recommend changing the font used in the game so it fits with the mood better (although the current font is extremely readable, thank you for that). Similarly the green glowing button that appears once you beat a level and can teleport home seems to break the mood. Perhaps you could turn it into a prayer-bead wristlet or something.
(I think the "healthy" is just strange, especially when you see it in a sentence like this. There is also no reason for either "healthy" or "enchants" to be capitalized.)
"Tribal" shouldn't be capitalized, also it should be "Engage at a distance" instead of "Engage at distance".
This random "to find a path to the hideout" is just strange, it feels like I missed something. Also "...through enemy ranks - gain a better position..." would sound much better as "... - use it to gain a better position"
"They lead the charge with bravery and skill". "Charge" doesn't seem to make any sense here. I would use "battle", "attack", or even "They (take) lead (in) combat" would be okay.

2. I have noticed there seem to be a lot of background items (rocks, fences) that you can walk through in the beginning levels at least.

Also once when I leveled up, and multiple times when I died, I got pop-up boxes.

This happened when I went to add a partner after logging in, even though I didn't have one already.

3. When you first sign up, it says stuff like "this character is a follower of Red Girl". But I have no clue what that means or who Red Girl is, it's just confusing. I also think it should be made clear when you create a character that you'll be able to learn moves from other "classes". I also seem to recall that the men looked rather Japanese but the women didn't (white/blonde hair?). If you are thinking of adding more classes in the future, how about having an Ainu class/"race" (as dumb as that sounds) which could have different looks and special skills.

4. I don't think the comic panels you see while you are waiting for things to load are necessary at all. At first it was interesting, but then especially after you've been seeing the same ones over and over or when they don't seem to make sense, it's just boring and feels useless. Possibly it adds a little to the loading time too which may make some users annoyed.

5. It should be made clear that when you summon a partner, it is not an online player who can act on their own. It should also be made clear that when you die during a mission you will lose a percentage of your reward (I don't think that's very important, it's fine to figure it out once you die for the first time, it's just surprising since nothing was said about it).

6. Suggestions for editing levels, making longer levels or new levels (I've only played the beginning levels so if these are already implemented, ignore them):

- All I am seeing are ruined villages and dead villagers. There is nothing making me feel bad for the villagers or feel like I need to save them, since I haven't even seen any alive there is no emotional connection. Perhaps there should be some beginning levels where you travel to the same villages but the villagers are actually alive, and just need help fending off demons from a specific outlying place for example (or you could run errands or whatever).

- I think there are too many treasure chests and baskets. They are EVERYWHERE and you don't feel excited at all when you find them, I have even begun ignoring them since they are so common.

- Make it so you can walk on top of large fallen trees or flat rocks, ex. to get to other areas, forest areas, lake or river areas, and so on. At one point I noticed there was a large fallen log seemingly branching one area to another that looked like it should be able to be walked on, but it wasn't.

- I really like being able to go inside houses so perhaps having levels where you are fighting in a huge mansion or something...

7. Suggestions for items:
- Strange yet Japanese stuff, ex. giant smoking pipes, giant calligraphy brushes, or bamboo swords as weapons. I am not sure if small daggars (like what women used to hide in their kimono sashes) are weapons already but those are good ideas too.
- Similarly, clothing like different types of kimono, geta for shoes, whatever. Just because it's a fighting game, doesn't mean it all has to make sense and the items all have to be armour and weapons. I think that more variety makes things more interesting.
- Along the same lines, wigs/makeup as headgear items, ex. having a "geisha wig" could be a head protector and at the same time would give users more individuality with their character looks.
- Permanent or more permanent summoning animals / pets. 30 minutes seems like a very short time, but more than that, I think they're really cute and just want one to follow me around even if it can't help me attack in any way.

8. Make a keyboard option (like the numbers used for skills) or a double-click option for when selling items. When on a Mac the right-click doesn't seem to work so in case it happens on other computers as well, maybe a general work-around is best.

9. Please have an option to drop items on the ground. When my inventory is full during a mission, I can't swap items in my inventory for better ones on the ground. Also a "sell all" option or a "select multiple then sell" would be good for when selling items.

10. It would be very good to have the game be translated to other languages. If you do this, please make sure the user can specify which language they want and make sure it is clear there are multiple languages offered, instead of having it as some sort of hidden option or only available on a separate website. Too many games have it as a hidden-seeming option (or not an option at all and based on your IP) or worse yet, have the game in language 1 completely separate from the game in language 2.

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That's a fairly large mail isn't it?   

MUCH too huge for me to reply to each individual bit.   But what I will do is make sure the Aka team has a look so they can fix what needs fixing and whatnot !!

Thanks for taking the time to write anyway   ;)

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