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AI Companion [Copy link]

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Hi, got a few questions:
Are there any bonuses for not using a companion? or is it all the same with/without?

Also, what is the difference between jade and obsidian gems? ;Every other gem is unique, except jade which looks like a crappy version of obsidian lol

Last q, when is it worth buying the little spirit companions pets?

Edit: I lied, one more : What determines aggro? Even when I pull mobs/bosses, my companion will randomly take aggro off me and I can't get it back, even when I am standing closer to the mobs/boss than them.

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Not 100% on these but:

1. No bonuses for you, i believe. But I think your companion gets exp bonus if he/she survives a run.
2. Jade is a crappy version of obsidian. But it think it's best to use jade and stock your obsidian for when your reach high levels.
3. Never tried, I don't want to get into the habit of buying pets that disappear after a short while. Unless they become permanent, even if the don't have benefits and only just follow you around.

For aggro, I believe that even If you kite them, but you companion blocks the way or attacks automatically, the mob will target the companion. The same goes if your companion attracts something and you just happen to walk in the way: you'll get the attacks. Then the mobs will concentrate on who it's attacking and will not switch; since even if you run, your companion won't follow you since it's already attacking something.

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Post time 2013-10-31 12:05:08 |Show all posts
Sweet, ty for the info. Idk about the aggro thing though, even when I pull a bunch of mobs on me, they will still run off and attack my companion. Maybe they haven't 'targeted' me yet or something when they run off?

Also whats the greyed out 'T' in the bottom bar supposed to be? I figured it would unlock as I leveled up, but it didn't lol.

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