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Action/Quick Bar Customization + Additional Bugs/Suggestions [Copy link]

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Post time 2013-10-31 15:03:09 |Show all posts
Edited by TinSoldier at 2013-11-2 16:01

Hey could we get an option to set the amount of action/quick bars to 2 if we want? (Instead of 3). Or hide unused actionbars?Some of us tend to only use 6(or less) skills in fights and its really awkward having to cycle through another set of skills during the midst of combat to get the set you're after.

- I see an actionbar 1-6 system is supposed to be coming in one of the patches, so disregard that ^ :p
Also I think there is a bug where the client doesn't save the 'Shadows [Off]' setting, and you have to uncheck it every time you log in.
Not really a big deal, just some things that could be improved.

Edit: I dont wanna make anymore threads so I'll just put these here. Will edit in as I come across things.

Additional Bugs/Suggestions

- There's a UI bug when you switch actionbars, all of the skills get the cooldown graphic over them, but they are still available to cast. Kinda hinders you when you are trying to perfect your skill rotation and you don't know what the real CD of the skill is.

-Got a weird bug when I chose my skill point allocation (the Prowess/Fortitude/Cunning menu after leveling up), after selecting Fortitude, a popup saying something like 'eq_leftskillLack'. Something along those lines, definately had 'left skill lack' in it though. Not sure what that means.

-I don't have another PC to test, but I get frameskips on some of the high particle effect skills (e.g Ring of Frost/Caltrop trip). Not sure if that is happening to everyone.

-There is no 'exit game' option from the main login screen, or character select.

- The performance problems have really been a big problem for alot of people I have seen. I think this is more due to the quality of the Unity engine than anything, but if we could get an option to turn off particle effects on uneccessary things (character auras/everymob has a glowing sword/etc.) FPS could be increased significantly.

- Mission Reward Karma doesn't show up, is always '0'. [Confirmed UI error, karma is still accquired]
- A combat log would be a great addition to the game. Would be nice to see exactly what damage you are taking and be able to adjust your build accordingly. Would also make use of the chatbox which doesn't do anything atm.

-Items placed in the lower row of the stash box have their description boxes cut off at the bottom.  Should be inverted to above the item to avoid this.

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Post time 2013-11-1 13:13:59 |Show all posts
man I feel like I'm the only one playing this game lol, does nobody read the forums? :S

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Post time 2013-11-1 20:15:50 |Show all posts
No, just most of the players are on steam on play on standalone client. Hopefully after release of multiplayer community here will become more active again.

For future, you can send your sugestions directly to devs here: http://support.spicyhorse.com/anonymous_requests/new

Or you can just wait, when Flight Tribe will get here he will send them to team anyway. :]

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Post time 2013-11-2 02:37:07 |Show all posts
Ah ok, thanks!

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Post time 2013-11-4 16:03:40 |Show all posts
The ENTIRE UI is going to be changing soon anyway.  So the 3 sets of 3 for skills will be replaced with one set of 6.

So that should hopefully get rid of a lot of those UI issues that are niggling away at ya !   ;)

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