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Missing/Planned Features (for discussion) [Copy link]

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Missing & Planned Features

Howdy, Beta Hunters. The following is a list of features that aren’t currently in beta, along with current status. This information should be considered fodder for discussion. If you see something missing here, let me know. Trying to focus on things that are within reach AND grasp, so stay grounded ;)

Contribute your feedback in new threads within the Suggestions Forum, and you can help shape the ongoing development of Akaneiro! Let us know the features you're pining for most, even if they're not on this list. It'll help us focus development efforts where they matter most.

Look into our crystal ball...

General UI Improvements [ongoing, constant fixes]
We know there's a bunch of holes in the user experience due to UI. We're working hard to fix it, so you'll hopefully notice it improve in leaps and bounds throughout beta. It's also one of the areas where we especially rely on your feedback via threads such as this one.

Immediate UI Priorities:
  • Tooltips and item information!
  • General hover, click, etc feedback
  • Ability Trainer UI
  • ...

Ability & Mastery Training [internal testing]
In Wave 1 of beta, we provided a selection of all abilities for testers to sample so we could gather feedback on them all quickly. The ability set we provided for a level 1 beta character was much more powerful than what will eventually be the case. The end goal is that characters start with only 1 ability, then train in further abilities.
So they will be tied to a proper progression curve, never fear. We don't intend for it to be the cakewalk it currently is ;)

  • When training, choose from 3 categories of ability - Prowess, Fortitude or Cunning.
  • You'll be able to train further in any base ability to add new functions and generally increase power.
  • Mastery Training allows you to specialize in specific armor (light, medium, heavy) and weapons (dual wield, 2 handed, dueling, hand combat). Mastery is essentially the passive ability system, alongside the Spirit Helpers.

Trainer Takeda in Yomi Village will provide this service. Check out the Abilities Guide for general info on the currently available range.

Equipment Upgrades/Crafting [code done, UI pending]
In addition to regular loot and Karma Shards, enemies will also drop raw materials. Each raw material is linked to adding a specific property type to weapons, armor or accessories. Depending on the equipment type, the exact property will vary.

Raw Materials and associated property types (in order of rarity):
  • Monster Parts - Depending on the "part", these add or improve equipment enchantments; providing additional passive buffs. E.g. - The Raging enchantment, which boosts damage.
  • Gems - Provide base stat improvements, depending on color. The color will also determine the dye tint of armor and the trail effect color on weapons.
  • Elemental Cores - Add elemental damage and effects to weapons. Either Flame, Frost, Storm or Blast.
  • Though very rare, Karma Cores can also be found. Karma Cores increase the base level and core stats provided by an item.

Craftsman Resak in Yomi Village will provide this service.

Squad Creation [code done, UI pending]
When adding a second character to your roster, you'll have the opportunity to define your Hunting Squad. A squad collects certain information under a single banner such as world state and Karma Shards. A squad will share a common stash box in Yomi Village. You'll even be able to run missions alongside your other characters, and share the experience reward.

  • A Hunting Squad is essentially a representation of the player at account level. What benefits the squad will benefit all your characters, who you'll be able to consider companions rather than individuals inhabiting copies of the same world.

NPC Allies [in progress]
Choose from a list of pre-designed characters or those generated based on the characters created by fellow players. Summon an Ally to help run missions, and share in the reward.

Co-operative Multiplayer [in progress]
Run missions alongside your friends in and support each other against extra tough missions and combat encounters. We know this is a much desired feature - so hang in there with us while we work out the kinks and get it to a state fit for public consumption.

Mark of Sacrifice [design only]
There's a long tradition of Red Hunters laying their lives down for the cause of the Order. You must be ready to sacrifice all to maintain balance. If you cannot revive (or choose not to) when your character collapses or fails a mission, you'll leave a Mark of Sacrifice where you fell. Reach this point again with a set time to recover a fraction of your lost mission reward.

Those who've played Demon's Souls or Dark Souls may be familiar with this concept.

Pit Fights [50%, waiting on improved objective system]
Put your hunting skills to the test in a series of survival arenas. Select a difficulty level and wager amount, then get ready to face the ultimate combat gauntlet. Possibly also the home of future PvP, if we have enough demand for that feature ;)

Akane Trials [design only]
This is our achievement system. At any one time, you'll have 3 trials underway. Complete a trial to increase your ranking within the Order of Akane, earning Karma and items.

Flashpoint Missions [in progress]
You never know when or where trouble might strike. An abandoned caravan, a burning village, yokai waiting in ambush... these missions appear randomly on the world map, but only for a short time. Respond quickly and defeat the challenge presented, and you'll reap great rewards.

This thread will be updated as new info is released or suggestions incorporated. Get involved via ZenDesk too!

note: will update this with UI WIP shots/design on Monday, so we can get some early feedback on functionality

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Post time 2012-11-4 02:36:15 |Show all posts
I'm looking forward to these updates. I'm in love with the game, seriously.
Keep it up with the great job.

We don't intend for it to be the cakewalk it currently is ;)

That's a relief

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My, my. That's quite an extensive list...makes it hard to wait for when these features finally arrive!
I wonder if you'll be able to have multiple upgrades of the same property type (ie. 3 gems), or if it'll be as it is now, where you can have up to 1 upgrade of each type.

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Post time 2012-11-4 09:37:56 |Show all posts
can't wait for all the upcoming features until then will report some major bugs :p

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Post time 2012-11-4 16:42:21 |Show all posts
cheese: You can choose one from each property type when upgrading, though each can be increased in level. So one enchant, one gem, one element.

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Post time 2012-11-4 18:19:19 |Show all posts
just wondering...aren't anybody else is stuck at the 4th area 1st mission as me?

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Post time 2012-11-4 23:16:22 |Show all posts
These are wonderful additions. I can't wait for these to be patched in!! o__o

Any updates on the server issues such as rollbacks and for those that cannot reach the next mission? I haven't encountered it yet, but I know there are a few players that have experienced this.

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Post time 2012-11-4 23:38:43 |Show all posts
Alice replied at 2012-11-4 23:16
These are wonderful additions. I can't wait for these to be patched in!! o__o

I have this issue T_T
But i managed to "fix" it, just need to enter the next mission and quit it before loggin out.

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Post time 2012-11-4 23:51:50 |Show all posts
You guys need to implement buff/debuff indicators (with how much the effect lasts, what it increases/decreases etc.).

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Post time 2012-11-5 00:52:27 |Show all posts
Sounds awesome, can't wait to try the new features out when they are ready.

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