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Author: fink

Missing/Planned Features (for discussion) [Copy link]

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Looking forward to the new stuff, but mind if I toss in 2 suggestions (they're tiny and I just can't find a place for them without making an entire thread for it..). Since we get our own squad basically with our account, any chance we could name our squad? I know it's silly and really irrelevant, but I like small things like that, and it helps with the immersion (for me at least..). The other one is simply adding a half a second of invulnerability to when you res, since monsters can literally surround your corpse and 1 shot you the moment you rez. Well either way, loving the game so far, and doing my best to help it along!..

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Post time 2012-11-5 15:25:53 |Show all posts
Ooh I love the idea of naming squads! I'll go think up of a name right now, even if we don't get that feature I'll name my squad unofficially!

And on that note just to ask will Akaneiro have a guild system of any kind?

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Post time 2012-11-5 16:32:56 |Show all posts
You really thought we'd deny you the joy of naming your Squad? That'd be cruel! Of course you can name your killer elite:

...and even choose a nifty little insignia!

Guilds are being discussed, if we include them they'll recognize the squad level (player account). So guilds would be a means of linking up squads... like a "Chapter" of the Order. Let us know if you have any ideas about guilds and guild structure.

jbapply: We're adding that invul to the revival, along with a faster animation and more immediate damage effect. It shares the shockwave ability at the moment, but will soon have a custom behavior that's better suited.

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Could we get the option of renaming our squad at any time? Since I'm assuming squad names aren't unique the way character names are.

Mm. For guilds perhaps include some incentive for being in one? Perhaps a bonus-in game or when playing with guild members. I'm not very familiar with guild systems in other RPGs since I never really got that far into a game for that kind of thing. Though I remember there was another title I've played that had a guild stash? Like the squad stashes already mentioned here but it was specifically for sharing items between guild members. And I also think that same particular title had capes with the guild insignia on it for each member as a physical ID sort of thing. (now that I think about it I might be talking about Aion)

And I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but guild missions of some kind?

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Edited by ProtoZealott at 2012-11-6 10:51

Well got a few things to cover then, for starters, awesome on being able to name the squad! Next up guilds are a major part of multiplayer online games, and is something that any MMO type game should have, that said with the whole theme of the game it might be better to refer to them as clans, or something Akane related. Also while it is definitely something you should look into, it's not something you should divert attention to yet, having some ghost lines in the code to keep thing organized could help, but nothing major yet until some of the more important ARPG elements are fleshed out a bit more. I'll make a thread in a bit with a few ideas on it though, as I've played quite a few games with them, and some do it a lot better then others.

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Another thing i think is missing is the drop os Misc items. In example: Wolf skin, bear foot, dry brench, etc.. Things only to sell on the shop, or to complete Quests in the future. The only thing that drop from the monsters is Ekips, this is wrong .-.

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Post time 2012-11-7 21:10:59 |Show all posts
seeing the new screencapt everything looks great!
i'm loving the game and expect getting better.

things i will apreciate: co-op multiplayer.
pit fights: that's what diablo3 is missing. fights against other players would be great. did you consider multiplayer? battle royale style? team fights as well?

loving the game. thank you!

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Post time 2012-11-8 01:41:48 |Show all posts
good to see most of the issues are getting adressed soon

the UI definitly is the highest priority on the list, followed by crafting/upgrading/skills (whatever lets you make use of the money/stuff u farm)

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Post time 2012-11-12 04:36:40 |Show all posts
Everything sounds great! I do have a few suggestions that other MMOs and RPGs have that Akaneiro could follow in order to feel more polished and complete.

I think in addition to a mouse-over description for items, there should be a way to compare the item you're mousing-over with the item you have equipped. I'd suggest simply pressing and holding Shift to display your equipped item beside the item you're mousing over, and show the difference in stats between the two. When I first started playing, I instinctively tried mousing over a new item and hold shift, and was confused when nothing happened since so many other games have this implemented.

Some people are complaining about not being able to see items well on ground. Maybe copy what some games do and have a blinking white shine on items on the ground, or show a dot on the map representing items lying on the floor similar to how enemies are indicated by a red dot on the map. I think it'd be great if boxes and chests can be displayed on map as well. In addition, it'd be great if there could be a brief "Picked up _____." when you pick up an item so that it's easier to tell what it is.

Maybe have items with special qualities, already indicated in the inventory with a green background, display a different colored shine, or a different colored text when picked up so that you know it's worth looking at right away rather than looking at the inventory after every item you pick up. When the inventory is full, it'd be helpful to have a sound or some indication that it'd full when you try to pick up items.

Even though no one's touched upon it, I feel that adding an XP bar somewhere, maybe horizontally between the HP and MP bars would be a nice touch. I could be blind, but I don't think there's any indication of what level you're at on the UI either. The only time I've seen what my lv is is either when I level up, or when I'm on the Character Select Screen. Possibly having the level displayed in the top right corner or on the XP bar would be helpful.

Another UI tweak that would add some charm is, when you collect the red gems, show how many you collected by having a brief +___ of however many was collected displayed over the red gem icon for a second before it's added up. For example, you have 20 gems, and open a chest with 5 inside. On the red gem icon in the top right corner of the screen, "+5" will pop up, then be added to the 20 you had. It makes it easier to tell how much you sold an item for, and makes it more dramatic and feel rewarding when you open a large chest and get a bunch of red gems and are able to see how many you got.

That's all the ideas I have so far. They're not huge changes, but make a big difference for the UI.


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Post time 2012-11-13 19:52:45 |Show all posts
Looking forward to seeing the multiplayer elements come in, this type of game does a lot better when you can co-op with your friends.

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