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Author: fink

Missing/Planned Features (for discussion) [Copy link]

Post time 2012-11-15 22:34:58 |Show all posts
I was just wondering if we will get the option to map the key layout? I am a lefty so in most games I tend to map my moves to the number pad and arrows.

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Post time 2012-11-16 13:25:30 |Show all posts
As for guilds, I think the most important factor is to have interaction between guild members. Meaning an in-game chat board is a must.

Also Yomi village can become a guild lobby where only guild members can see each other all the time w/o having to be in the same party & show off their gears.

Beside that, you can add some guild quests that require a certain number of attendances to be able to beat, and a small guild icon on the cloaks or customize cloak color for uniform.

In general, I think the guild feature just need to focus on small scale activities, & limit the capacity to somewhere around 20 ppl, that would be enough to keep the players around. Because what makes players stay in a game for a long time isn't the game itself, but the community & friendship. :p

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Post time 2012-11-17 17:11:09 |Show all posts
Village idea is wonderful. It will make the area so alive. I seriously love it.

I also agree on the small scale guilds. I don't won't ~1000 people crowd monsters here in Akaneiro. I'm not so sure about max capacity though, as the many people are from different time zones, so probably not all the guild members will be simultaneously online so maybe even 40 max would be small enough too.

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Post time 2012-11-23 02:36:01 |Show all posts
For the minimap, if you reach a boss and are in range of sight with the character have them have a dif. icon. So then if you forget where in the dungeon you are it will have some insight to more important objectives.

Item Sort button.
Sort items in your inventory do worth. white/green/blue/pink/??? etc.

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Post time 2012-11-23 22:07:20 |Show all posts
The gathering place (which would be the "Akane Lodge" if we did it), is definitely something we'll aim to get in at some point. A little further down our list at current, though a top idea.

The minimap is still missing those icons, but we intend to have them for objective locations. In addition, we'll also add fog of war later on. That should make pathfinding more straightforward!

Item Sort... it's definitely got worth. Interested in what other criteria people might want to sort by. If it's a high demand feature, we could consider it.

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Post time 2012-11-24 17:51:45 |Show all posts
I think that type criteria is important too. I mean, one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, helmets, amulets, rings, armor, pants and cloaks. And sub-types too. Katanas first, then axes, clubs, maces etc. It could be done just like it is in the shop. That way we will be able to quick comparison between items in our inventory.

Also hybrid sort would be good. Main categories + quality. One-handed weapons from highest quality to lewest, then two-handed weapons etc.

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Post time 2012-12-3 07:31:39 |Show all posts
I would like a sort feature.

As well as a system to change the shortcuts for inventory, abillitiers and so on.

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Post time 2013-1-9 05:57:21 |Show all posts
I hope guilds are named clans, families or schools. I'd like to preserve the Japanese theme as much as possible. Guild leaders should be daimyƍs.

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Post time 2013-1-11 17:20:04 |Show all posts
This is about the UI updates:
     While character customization itself is somewhat unimportant in this game, I would like to see select-able/custom emblems.  I would love to see this get implemented with co-op as it would be nice to be able to distinguish yourself between other players in the UI.  Maybe even have some emblems that are unlocked through special achievements like "kill 20 monsters within 2 seconds of each other" or completing certain levels on extra hard.   
     As reference, WARFRAME does this and it is a co-op MMO as well.  They provide some free emblems but others require cash/experience.
     Maybe you could allow us to customize the image of your emblem with a little symbol in the top right corner such as a weapon, crest, flag, or some sort of vague symbol that then has coloring around it to tell people what we do.  Say if I was a ranged damage dealer, I would have a blue glowing bow in the right top of my emblem to let my party know.  Or maybe you could go a route similar to Castle Crashers and give a separate window for a select-able image.    "Though the extra image beside the avatar pane is what item they have selected" maybe you could showcase what spell is tabbed to the 1 key since this would normally be the most used spell and would let others know what that player plans to do most often.

I hope I made myself clear enough.  : )

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Post time 2013-1-13 23:08:07 |Show all posts
the game is awesome but kinda pissed off on the following

1) I killed 2 wolves but it says i got 3 kills?
2) 1 sec delay before an enemy dies.
3) I finished killing the wolves after the tutorial and clicked the green gem to go back to the village and loading screen comes out but nothing happens on the progression bar
4) escape button is useless.
5) supported resolution is only 1366 x 768. My monitor supprts upto 1440 x 900
6) inverted full screen fucntion , if I check the window mode option it gives me a full screen and if unchecked i get back to windowed mode

I know these are the basic features but it affects a lot when playing. Please fix this D:

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