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Akaneiro and Diablo III [Copy link]

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Looking at the gameplay , from what I have seen it is very Diabloesque and seems to be very similar (though probably a lot better) than Diablo III. Now how will Akaneiro make itself standout from the other games that follow this path?

I honestly cannot wait for this game, it looks great, I am just curious. :3
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Post time 2012-9-22 10:39:48 |Show all posts
I think the art style is what will make it stand out. Diablo 3 was crap, I remember clearly saying "Man, I know I won't have to look up Diablo 3 to see if it's crap or not before I buy it!"

Took forever to download, then finally I played around 15 minutes of it before I regretted my purchase.  I beat the game, and I hated every moment of it.

Akaneiro looks pretty awesome though, and knowing Spicy Horse, it will definitely be a game to spend a lot of time on.

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Post time 2012-9-23 00:27:40 |Show all posts
Well to be fair, Diablo III's end game isn't untillyou reach the hardest difficulty and that's after you reach level 50. Then it becomes impossible to beat.(You need at least a full group and even then..) The main issue with the game was that Blizzard had no idea how to itemize items and they focused on making Demon Hunters top everything rather than balancing out the classes. They promised PvP and they still haven't implemented it yet as well as the game being Buy to Win. You could literally purchase items in the auction house with real money. What made that Buy to Win worse was that item drop rates are incredibly low, so good gear was a stroke of luck, or you just have a really fat wallet. It completely ruined the game. I played Diablo II for years, and that game was near perfect so Diablo III to be so shitty was just a terrible dissapointment. That's why I am so excited for Akenireo. I can't wait to see more gameplay.

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Post time 2012-9-23 01:18:15 |Show all posts
D2 was awesome, that game was pretty much half my childhood. The entire idea of the auction house, real life money or gold, is broken. Not to mention you are required to be on their servers to play singleplayer. Lag isn't fun.

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Edited by glaricion at 2012-11-2 08:38
War replied at 2012-9-23 01:18
D2 was awesome, that game was pretty much half my childhood. The entire idea of the auction house, r ...

@War - I bet that you already know this, but the makers of D1 and 2 mostly make up the team that is now making the Torchlight game series.  What was supposed to be D3 was scrapped for the lesser product that so many hate today.

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TBH, Point & Click Action RPG are a genre in which Diablo games hold the greatest popularity but not necessarily quality.

Just like we can't say that Call of Duty is a clone of Half-Life, we can't say that this game is "Diabloish".


As far as I've seen, it uses cell shading to some extent making it more like "Jet Set Radio" for Sega Dreamcast.
In this game Item collecting is not the primary target but essentially the development and proper usage of skills to suit the needs. Stuns, DPS, clearing out enemies and achieving certain goals in time.
If anything it's more like League of Legends met typical P&C action RPG in japanese mythology.

For the current web game it looks amazing and possesses just what it needed. In a way, it reminds me a bit of "Okami" for PS2, however I'd never say that it's "diabloish" because that trend really should stop and old PC users should really broaden their horizons regarding the action RPG genre.

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glaricion replied at 2012-11-1 19:36
@War - I bet that you already know this, but the makers of D1 and 2 mostly make up the team that is ...

Yeah I've been working through Torchlight 2, never finished the first one but the sequel is a ton of fun!

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Post time 2012-11-2 12:16:40 |Show all posts
@Nenadlojic - The action-rpg genre does have very different feelings with it.
As you did before, compare League of Legend's genre bending with that of the Diablo series.
League of Legends is an Action-RTS, and that genre had (and still has) many different names for it, two of the most popular that reference other games/mods in that sub-genre are DotA clone and AoS (Aeon of Strife).  Until the item-collection action RPG genre has a more suited name we will see things such as "Action-RPG (which can include games such as Rogue Galaxy, which is a lot different than Diablo) and Diablo clone (such as what used to be DotA clone for all MoBA).
(apologies for the needlessly large text wall)

@War - I can't play Torchlight, it is the only game series that I've tried that causes me physical pain through use of the mouse (which for some reason doesn't happen even in similar games) ~3~ I hope that its longevity is as good as the game looks overall.

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Post time 2012-11-2 20:42:57 |Show all posts
Diablo III was a disappointment. For these all years of development I was excepting something much better. The only one thing I really liked was enemies ragdoll.
Other things like auto-increasing stats and having all skills no matter what was bad.

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Post time 2012-11-2 22:06:14 |Show all posts
@Glaricion - Yes, I intentionally chose League of Legends due to a fact how the abilities and the method work. That being said, throwing a lot of metal scraps on the ground in Akainero is also somewhat a strategic move if you'd agree, but we can't call it "Strategy" in any way ;]

I disagree that LoL is "action rts" mainly because it's nowhere near C&C series. However there's a difference between Action RPGs such as Rogue Galaxy (where item collection possesses its own system of upgrading, chapter progress, AMVs etc) which came from the Asia as well as those which are made in the western countries (mainly U.S.). While I do agree with your points (but not definitions), in the western area these games are often called "Dungeon Crawlers" (point & click action RPG)and Diablo is certainly one of those games.
Akainero doesn't feel "Diabloish" for that matter even though there're a lot if items and similar gameplay. It feels more like League of Legends and I speak this with my experience regarding Akainero and those two games. :} Best regards.

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