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Author: Alice

Akaneiro and Diablo III [Copy link]

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@C1k4ml - This keeps reminding me of the Extra Creditz episode when they discussed how terrible the genre names are and how they are defined by using exploration vs story driven rpgs as an example.  Going on with the discussion the Dungeon Crawler genre being used for Diablo it would still be in the same category as some games like Persona or Baroque, which have incredibly different feels.  Even with such different feels between the games getting more and more gear whilst in a long series of dungeons is an important event in all four games/series (Rogue Galaxy, Baroque, Persona, Diablo), how the things are controlled change it up so much.  i.e. Portal's choice to be a first person game instead of 3rd person.  Such a mess ~3~

I think that Action RTS is sometimes, but very rarely, used for games like LoL since its roots do come from mods in strategy games, so it just carries over.  Such as in Warcraft III, it does have the RPG element of getting better loot to power-up your guys, but it just can't be said to be an RPG since the overall play of the game lends itself to the strategy genre.  With Akaneiro, the fluidity of the spells does have a feel similar to LoL, I'll have to see if I agree with you later today or so if the game isn't lagging for me later today.

@Micheal - I forgot all about auto-increasing stats, making every single character less unique doesn't work too well in most games that are asking you to spend several hours on one guy.  Reminds me how impractical seeming builds and playstyles can be great once tried out (as TB talked about whilst discussing what he thought of the ability to/not to respec in Torchlight 2).

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Great atmosphere!

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