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Announcement Regarding Ongoing Development and Support for Akaneiro [Copy link]

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Akaneiro Players,

The next update to Akaneiro, which will address many (if not most) of the issues contained within the the update from the week of January 13th, will be released after Chinese New Year, 2014. Details about our CNY holiday can be found HERE. The short version of it: We will be Out of Office from 28th January to 9th February. If all goes well, an update for Akaneiro could be expected around late February, early March. In the meantime, send bugs and feedback to us via support.spicyhorse.com.

Now for a little history and an update regarding Akaneiro development going forward:
Development on Akaneiro started during the early months of 2011. Since that time, we've maintained a development team averaging 15 people/month on the project. In total, around 360 man-months have gone towards development, bringing our investment in dollars to nearly $2 million USD. In that same period, we've generated roughly 300kUSD in revenue - this includes funds collected via the Kickstarter campaign, F2P purchases in-game, and one-time purchases via Steam. In simple math: We've spent $2 million, we've made $300k, we're "in the hole" $1.7 million.

Given this situation, we now have no choice but to radically alter the approach we're taking to maintaining and improving the game. The core development team has been reduced in size to just two people. They will continue to address bugs and make improvements while working towards goals like multi-player and tablet support, but progress will be slower. Depending on the success of our other remaining title, The Gate, we may one day find ourselves in a position to throw greater resources at Akaneiro. We certainly hope that will be the case.

What's written here quickly in a few paragraphs represents some truly painful internal decisions and adjustments. Our Shanghai-based development team recently underwent downsizing so that all resources can be directed towards the one game that offers the greatest chance of bringing much-needed stability to our studio. If we can achieve our goals with The Gate, then we can bring greater attention to Akaneiro.

Life is an independent developer is filled with the constant threat of failure. This isn't the first time in our 8 year history we've faced this sort of challenge. It's not the first time we've had to reduce staff on one of our games. It is different because of the demand for transparency that comes with being a part of Early Access here on Steam. In providing transparency like this, I am asking for your understanding and I am hoping for your support.

As is usually the case after these sorts of painful adjustments, we are now in a better position to survive, build success with The Gate, and re-focus development on Akaneiro with lessons learned from the mistakes we've made. Help us out by sending your feedback to us via support.spicyhorse.com.

And please, continue to keep the discussion going here on Steam. We're listening, we care, and we're excited about your involvement in the future of Akaneiro and our other projects.

American McGee
Spicy Horse Games

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Post time 2014-3-11 13:03:19 |Show all posts
So when will the missing stat on level up bug be fixed? Since you can't learn new skills if your stats don't increase, maybe that will be the first step in drawing in new players...

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Post time 2014-9-7 09:30:16 |Show all posts
Not sure where else to put this, so here are some thoughts...

Happy this game is still in development even though your staff is reduced to 2 people and the company is in the hole for a lot of money (ouch! lesson learned there I guess...) here's also hoping your other titles do well.

Other titles...

I completely loved the early American McGee's Alice, thought it was a complete blast to play and look forward to other titles along that storyline.

This game theme...

The idea of little red riding hood mixed with feudal Japan demon-slashing is a pretty epic idea, and the beautifully rendered watercolor looking scenery lends itself well to the whole conceptual feel of the game.. so kudos for that.


The top-down "diablo style" point and click hack and slash is enjoyable and plenty challenging gameplay.

Item leveling...

The item leveling forge thing I just can't wrap my head around. I'd rather just have them automatically level up or give the option of what I can do based on what I already have in inventory instead of having to think about what I need to collect and what to do. Thus far I just collect items and stow them for a later time, I rely on picking up better armor and weapons as I go.

A few constructive complaints...

Would be nice if the stand-alone game exited cleanly instead of just crashed itself upon exit. The web version exits fine of course, since it doesn't really "close" in that way.

Bring back summoned helper/multi-player. If the AI gets stuck in the map, well it's the players job to get them to follow better and unstick them, not a problem for me, worth it to be able to use them.

Fix the lag or give finer control over the graphics so we can tweak and optimize the thing on our own, perhaps thus eliminating the lag/freezing -- some hidden advanced secret debug mode would be cool.


If there wasn't real-world money involved in the pay-to-play items (not like someone is going to sell them once obtained, I guess) though I'd say somehow enable a god-mode cheat/trainer that you could type at the command line for unlimited crystals/shards whatever and bump your character to the top of all abilities.. short path to godliness, you know ;)

Thanks for making this wonderful game (if it was just a graphic novel, I would enjoy reading it, really, the story is great!) and thanks for listening to the comments.

( Feel free to move this post elsewhere as you see fit )

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Post time 2015-4-7 18:14:24 |Show all posts
Just started playing and wondering if this game is still in development? or is this a dead game?

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Post time 2015-4-17 05:04:12 |Show all posts
CunningFox replied at 2015-4-7 11:14
Just started playing and wondering if this game is still in development? or is this a dead game?

What was there before is still there.. it was never a multiplayer game, so in that sense yeah, the game is there.

As for the development part, well..

http://steamcommunity.com/app/23 ... 611702631238192343/

They are alive

And I still have high hopes for the Andrioid / IOS version.. that would give it another huge kick I think.. people on PC tend to expect a big game, but Akaneiro in my opinion would count more like a premium tablet game.. I still like it though.. Very good style, art, as usually from Spicy Horse.

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