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Beta Patch 1.0.1 Notes (Character Data Reset!)  Close [Copy link]

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Beta Update 1

(1.0.1 notes added below)

The 1.0.1 (Ability Training) patch is uploaded and ready for testing. NOTE: Character data has been rest as part of this phase of testing!

Beta Patch 1.0.1 - Ability Training (NEW)

As a follow up to the patch last Friday, today we're enabling both the Ability Equip screen and the Ability Trainer. This means you'll be able to play as a genuine newbie - starting with a single ability only, and earning Karma to train further in those you prefer.

Important Note: We're resetting all character data as part of this update. We really need you all to start as a fresh recruits. That way we can get a good read on how swiftly you can afford to train abilities, and which ones you prefer now that choice is a factor.

  • Find Trainer Takeda in Yomi Village, a few steps from the Bounty Master. He's ready to instruct you as you progress along the path of the Red Hunter. All level 1 abilities are currently available. We'll be adding further levels of training for each ability at a later stage of beta.

  • Once you've trained in an ability, you're free to equip it to whichever ability slot/group you prefer. You can access the ability equip screen from the HUD/in-game using the ability button (bloodied axe icon):

Other Fixes
  • The insanely overpowered ranged attackers are now back to normal.
  • Turtle Spirit Helper should no longer provide so much armor.
  • Seeing Red ability should now function as described.
  • "Don't Dawdle" level fixed, mission completion should be possible.
  • Some minor fixes to text.

"One bug, you can only press the Ability (axe) icon with mouse click to open your ability equipment page. But you can press A to close"

November 9th Patch Notes below:
Below you’ll find notes for all the changes contained in our first patch. The focus for this week has been responding to all the fantastic feedback we’ve received since the closed beta started. Apart from problems with individual missions, the most common requests were centered on ability power, general difficulty and game balance issues.

Beta Patch 1.0 Notes

(all changes below are included in the current version)

General changes:
  • Various fixes to collision in mission levels and the village – less invisible walls and player clipping issues.
  • Player no longer takes damage during revival.
  • Improved game package download logic – less mysteriously missing animations, models and other content.
  • Chest lids will no longer be strewn around levels once the chest is opened.
  • Many trees and other objects have been updated to not obscure the camera.
  • Many breakable objects have been shifted so they’re easier to access.

Enemy changes:
  • Enemies now deal more damage on High and Overrun difficulties.
  • Enemies spawned by the “Jubokko Nest” can no longer be infinitely farmed for Karma/XP.
  • All Bosses and Wanted enemies now deal more damage.
  • All Bosses have new visual effects to make them more obvious.
  • The Witching Tree is now easier to hit.
  • Some previously unarmed enemies have been armed.
  • The Sneaky Looter now drops loot and even more karma.
  • Some general AI fixes which should reduce enemy freezing issues, and other odd behavior.

Item changes:
  • All weapon base damage has been rebalanced with adjusted damage.
  • Enemies now drop fewer items and have less chance of dropping anything.
  • Chests now drop more items.
  • Weapons, Armor and Accessories - enchantments, gems and elements have been rebalanced and several minor fixes applied.
  • Adjusted drop rates so that fewer accessories (rings/necklaces) drop. You’ll see an increase in the amount of armor and weapon items as a result.
  • You’ll now have access to three new armor sets!
  • Sale prices for armor have been corrected.
  • Most items should now be easier to pick up.
  • Weapons and armor now drop more frequently. Accessories now drop less frequently.

Ability changes:
  • All abilities have been rebalanced, and now properly scale with respective base stat. Make sure to test all of them again and give us some feedback.
  • The Swath of Flame ability (prowess) has been moved to the training tree for Swath of Destruction. It’ll be accessible again when ability training is available.
  • Added the “Seeing Red” ability, which provides a short term boost to melee damage.
  • Players should no longer be able to use Swath of Destruction to bypass doors.
  • Input delay on abilities has been reduced.
  • All abilities have had icons updated for sake of clarity and beauty.
  • Further changes to abilities will be covered along with the new patch notes this Monday.

Ability changes:
  • Removed a few stray zeroes from the Spirit Helper buff values – they’re still cute, but much less godly.

Mission Specific:
  • Shigemori River: Wicked Beasts - The Infected Ainu Elder now has a proper death animation.
  • Shigemori River: Rotten Core - A new mission objective has been added to help players know where to go after the cave. A deadlier foe awaits.
  • Bloodfang Fort: Going Under - Gating has been fixed allowing the mission to be completed.
  • Bloodfang Fort: Don't Dawdle - can now be successfully completed, Ainu Amulet should appear as normal.
  • Bloodfang Fort: Don't Dawdle – Minimap should now be accurate.

Sound & Graphics
  • Player shadow is now enabled.
  • Several minor level art issues have been corrected; mostly object positions.
  • Bloodroot Forest missions have had a slight overhaul, improving general lighting, decoration and structure.
  • Minor lighting adjustments across many missions.

Game Stability:
  • Player progress should now save more reliably. If you return to the village successfully, the mission will register as completed.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by Jubokko Nests dying while spawning enemies.

That’s it for this patch – but make sure you’re back on Monday to check out the follow-up. We’ll need all of you to put the new Ability UIs to the test.

What about the Tooltips?!
Indeed! The tips will be flowing into the game over the next couple of weeks. We’ll start with the abilities (as part of the Monday follow up patch), then we’ll move to item tips and general UI. And yes, that does include hover compare tips for items. Your patience is appreciated

Ability tooltips on Monday, Equipment the following week...

Keep up the good work and the great feedback – and remember to check the Beta Ability Guide and User Guide for general info. The Missing & Features List has also been updated with some new UI previews. Let us know what you think!

Beta Update Roadmap:


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Great to hear! Can't wait
Also, what timezone are we talking about with these updates? I live in Australia and most dates posted by American companies are always a day later than my timezone because of... well, time difference.

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good changes already

i have a wierd bug, after i beat the boss from the second stage i dont unlock a third stage :\

i'm doing some wrong or it is a bug?

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Edited by arctic9000 at 2012-11-9 12:10

Awesome changes! I can't wait for tougher difficulty levels and new item sets.

Can't wait to see what this game will look like finished.

I'm a bit confused about the patching though. Are all the listed changes being applied on Friday followed by another new list of changes on Monday? Or is it a staggered patch, where it's split between Monday and Friday?

Edit: Also, Cesar, which mission are you talking about specifically? When I finished the first mission of the Blood Fort area, it also did not unlock the next mission for me. It started working for me after refreshing the webpage and redoing the mission.

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Sweet. Time to create a new character.

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All the listed fixes are included in the current patch. There will be a further list posted on Monday for the follow up patch. Character data will also be reset with the Monday patch, so that ability training can be tested properly.
Timing is relative to US/Canada PST.

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Post time 2012-11-10 12:28:10 |Show all posts
Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying. I was pretty confused there for awhile.

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Whoa, great job. I'll be playing this weekend with a new character and try to find as many bugs as possible. Next week will be Black Ops 2 release, so.. you know.. I'll be busy for a while xD

I'm looking forward to the new UI

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Post time 2012-11-10 22:59:48 |Show all posts
I can't find all the descriptions of all the bugs which have been fixed, like the out of the map bug in the cave.

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Actually, Don't Dawdle is still bugged, for me at least, not sure about the others.

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