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2 Suggestions AKA Why I Stopped Playing [Copy link]

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Edited by vanek.mail at 2012-11-21 07:18

1. Make the shards (and items) come out of the killed mobs (chests) SIMULTANEOUSLY with their death animation so they can be collected INSTANTLY!!

Now the shards (and items) come out of the mobs (chests) with delay, so if I want to collect them I have to kill the mob(s) and then wait. Then kill another one(s) and wait again. Proceed and wait some more. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam. Half the time in the game I am waiting for the motherfudging shards!! So incredibly obnoxious.

2. Add sound options or at least the option to turn all sounds off already!

Currently I either have to listen to that music that I already hate (it was nice at first, don`t get me wrong, but after some time I need change) or mute the computer alltogether. I went with the second option but gaming in silence is not fun. I want to be able to at least mute the game and listen to music of my choice. I am sure that "mute all sounds" option wouldn`t be that hard to implement.

Thanks to these two things I wasn`t able to get myself to playtest lately (even though I was looking forward to the patches originally). Frankly, I just can`t be bothered. However I will come back later to check out how the game developed.

I am interested in what others think of this, hence the poll.

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Post time 2012-11-14 13:57:59 |Show all posts
I agree with these, but I see no reason to stop playing because of this.

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Post time 2012-11-14 16:56:52 |Show all posts
Beta is beta you can't expect anything near a 'normal' release title in terms of options, playability, consistency etc. While I do think these things do need to be implemented at release. But during a beta phase I believe these are less of an issue instead of game breaking bugs / glitches, AI behavior etc. And as far as beta's go this is one of the best I've played so far in terms of 'completeness' I've played various beta builts where NPC's were entirely missing using a 'place holder' paper doll with animations- or their 3d models but no animations.

TLDR: Deal with it, its a beta test there are bigger issues other than sound options to implement and fix.

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Post time 2012-11-14 17:14:03 |Show all posts
I would like an option to turn the music off but other than that I think they're doing a great job

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Post time 2012-11-14 17:32:02 |Show all posts
You're expecting too much from a beta release. Try to see yourself as a beta tester and not a gamer.
If you couldn't stand this kind of things (bugs, imbalance, lack of feature, etc.), you should seriously consider not participating in the beta test as you said yourself that these things made you not able to playtest the game.

In other words, wait for the final game to be released then play it.

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Post time 2012-11-14 18:27:22 |Show all posts
Item 1 is already fixed in internal builds and will be rolled out in the next update.

Item 2 is being worked on but is a lower priority right now, we're trying to ensure core game functionality is correct. We will have sound options in the future. In the meantime, if you are on Windows Vista or newer, the sound options has a built-in per-application volume mixer.

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Post time 2012-11-15 09:31:44 |Show all posts
At a presentation standpoint you don't want to have the karma shards collected instantly since that would feel more like a money pickup instead of a reward.  (picking up money in Diablo versus getting the red soul things in God of War)  A tiny flow after the death animation is nice
Seeing the items pop up instantly would also be weird at a presentation standpoint too, an unnoticeable fade would be nice here imo.
*opinions based on beta 1.0, not the latest version*

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Post time 2012-11-15 20:35:55 |Show all posts
Thanks everybody for your input on the matter!

Thanks Alex_80sa for the per-application volume mixer idea (never used that before), I believe that solves the problem. I am very glad to hear the waiting-for-shards issue has been dealt with

Also I can assure you I`ve been participating in A LOT of alfas/betas over the years. As a betatester I see it as my job to let the devs know when there are things/problems in the game (and specifically gameplay). ESPECIALLY if they are serious enough for me to make me not want to play anymore. Obviously I want these things fixed before release. Reminds me of my infinite rants about absolutely horrible game control (or lack there of) and dismal unit responsiveness and pathing in End of Nations alfa forums for like half a year. In the meantime the devs talked balance (which in my opinion is the last thing to do). Well but that`s a different story.

Looking forward to the next patch!

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Post time 2012-11-15 20:52:44 |Show all posts
vanek.mail replied at 2012-11-15 04:35
Thanks everybody for your input on the matter!

Thanks Alex_80sa for the per-application volume mixe ...

EoN yep I agree with you on that one. Unit pathing is still wonky in its late open beta phases that were recent. Unit balance still needed too. I understand your frustrations but I used to be part of pre alpha builts in some games where game mechanics were only on paper and I in house tested proof of concept builds that had only one type of game mechanic to test (shooting weapons with different variables to see how they 'feel') as well as just watching things like physics interactions with player models / NPC models / game world.

Even though I gave my 2 cents I can definately understand why it could be a deal breaker- I mean I used to do it as a hired tester and I'd go almost bat$#!^ insane some days due to how repetitive / persistant a problem would be- that i reported and detailed how to fix 10 days prior.

Cheers and maybe just casually play the game a mission or two and once in awhile until the next patch or announcement =D

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Post time 2012-11-15 21:12:45 |Show all posts
devil_kit_13 replied at 2012-11-15 20:52
EoN yep I agree with you on that one. Unit pathing is still wonky in its late open beta phases tha ...

To be fair, I don`t know what the current state of EoN is nowadays because few months back I was just like "F this, I am not wasting my time and mental health on this one anymore". I plan to give it a shot in like another half a year or when it releases. I think Petroglyph/Trion don`t have their development priorities right. Big time. Plus their marketing is really bad. But after all it`s their money and names on the line so what I think doesn`t really matter. I know my feedback sure didn`t

I understand being a hired tester in such early stages may be frustrating as hell, but at least you get paid for it right?

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