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I think it'd be a grievous error to attempt to go pay 2 play in the current market. With games as epic as SWTOR being Free 2 Play, the last thing you want is a money barrier to entry. The point is to get them hooked on playing and get them to want to invest money into the system. Making sure you have systems in place for various types of players to buy into is critical. Some people don't want anything that gives them an edge, their goal is mastery, so having unlockable purchases that demonstrate how skilled they are is important. Others just want to get through all the content as fast as possible, so having leveling boosts for them is important. Some people just want epic gear. A gambling system for loot is best for them, though I've seen elements of the latter two already in the game, I have not seen anything for the elitists yet.

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Post time 2012-12-1 13:29:40 |Show all posts
I'm very much in favor of a single, up-front purchase, with later optional DLC (weapons, missions, areas, etc.).  With the increasing popularity of mobile and browser-based gaming, the ad-supported free/ad-free paid model and the micro-transaction models are getting incredibly popular.  They're also the easiest way to get me to walk away cold from a game.  When the game is interrupted by any sort of advertising--be it a banner on the periphery, an image/clip that plays on a loading screen, or the reminder that I need to pay real-world money for in-game items or skills, I feel like my entertainment has been interrupted by a marketing pitch.  It breaks the immersion, and makes me instead want to go play one of the many games I've purchased which don't bother me once I'm in the game world.  It's hard to go anywhere IRL without constantly being bombarded by advertising, and though this probably dates me somewhat, I don't want that convention carrying over into my entertainment as well.  I grow resentful of developers who do this, because in my opinion it shows a lack of respect for the audience, and it even suggests (again, IMO) that the creation of a solid and enjoyable game may have taken a backseat to the planning of how to completely monetize the whole of the product.  

I applaud and support the decision to make the game a single purchase, and I have no problem with paying $15-25 (or more, depending on the scope of the final release) for an independent game that I enjoy.

Have you guys at Spicy Horse considered working with the fine folks at GOG.com for distributing the final release?  They've recently started offering independent games along with older titles, and they have a pretty big following of people like me who have no problem paying a fair price for quality titles with no in-your-face advertising or DRM.  I'm not sure how it would work with the current web-based engine, but you did mention having a standalone client in the previous page (which I'd imagine would be needed for the Steam release).  Anyway, just my two cents.

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Post time 2012-12-2 00:24:09 |Show all posts
Being free 2 play doesn't mean spamming banner ads and other assorted crap at the player. SWTOR certainly doesn't do it, though it's keen to remind you with it's little cartel logo that you're not getting all the neat stuff you could be by not subscribing. However, it's very unobtrusive.

League of Legends has already proven that Free2Play works very well, and they don't spam you with anything either.

As to a single up front purchase, it would seem to me that the issue here is the server costs, which would imply a subscription model.

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You can't compare SWTOR & LOL with Akaneiro. Akaneiro isn't going to be MMO. But you can compare Akaneiro with Diablo III, and D3 has already proven that single purchase for server-based game works very well. They're getting money for servers from RMAH taxes, and Akaneiro will get money from DLC and micro-payment service.

And they already said that there will be NO subscription model on the first page of this topic. And I don't think that price like 10 or 15 $ will be a money barrier for people that are able to invest a lots of money into the F2P or rather "pay to win" oriented games.

I think that it's more fair to make a initial price for the game than releasing for free another one of some crap games created only to make money, that are highly unbalanced and unplayable for non-premium players.

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Post time 2012-12-2 07:27:15 |Show all posts
Ah, what great news! I started to get scared there for a bit, but luckily Spicy Horse definitely never lets its fans down!

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fink replied at 2012-11-25 19:42
Though I can't quite give specifics at this moment, I can confirm a few things.
  • It's definitely  ...

  • ^ This! I'm all for it 100%-no 220% and makes me more excited about the game and can't wait for it to come out either!!!

    I also hope you guys won't do an ad-supported free/share-ware thing because I don't like those. They're kind of annoying....

    Anyway keep up the good work and the good news as well! ^^

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    Post time 2012-12-2 20:03:28 |Show all posts
    if u want earn a bit money for ur nice work in this game and the work that will come in future, u should di a cashshop like other mmo/other games, et example, for buying ressurrection scrolls or enchanting stones and something like that, the basic game should be free

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    Post time 2012-12-3 08:09:14 |Show all posts
    I like to buy a game with no future costs to play them in the way they are desigend(aside from DLC which I would buy as well).

    So I don't want to need to buy items to beat the game. PvP is something I don't like that much, but a feature like Arena Fights or something like that would be okay.

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    Post time 2012-12-3 12:10:49 |Show all posts
    I wandered into this game via Steam Torchlight. I enjoy the Okami-esque visuals. I imagine that this game could succeed with a buy-to-play strategy. However if a cash shop is involved, it cannot involve anything that is stat-changing. It would have to be purely aesthetic changes. I can also roll with purchasing expansions, as long as the content size justifies the cost.

    Though I would greatly appreciate that should you implement an aesthetic cash shop, please add the ability to find comparable items as drops. I don't want to look boring just because I don't want to purchase outfits from the shop.

    That's my spiel.

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    Post time 2012-12-3 22:06:28 |Show all posts
    Subscription based is fine as long as there are constant updates coming in. One off purchase with DLC is ok as well but I hope there are no empty promises. Seen quite a few games with big promises and end up leaving players to rot in a buggy game.

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