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Beta Patch 1.1 Notes  Close [Copy link]

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Beta Update

(Patching Complete)

Note: Changes to game balance across multiple systems and items require character data to be reset as part of this patch.

Hail Hunters!

Below you’ll find notes for all the changes contained in second major patch. Apart from the usual bug fixes, our focus has been the addition of proper tooltips to equipment/items via the UI. We’ve also started the HUD overhaul. Both these tasks are still in progress, but ready for some early feedback and testing.

The game server will be down for a little while today (Tuesday, November 20th) during the patch process. If all goes as planned, the update should be complete before midday the same day. If that plan changes, we’ll update you here.

Beta Patch 1.1

General changes
  • HUD - Abilities have shifted to the left corner and had an alternative layout applied.
  • HUD – Menu bar position has been moved.
  • Mission rewards have been increased – more worthwhile.
  • Adjusted player leveling curve.
  • New HP/Energy bars have been added.
  • Larger maps are now available for each mission. Press “M” or click the M icon on the Mini-Map.
  • Inventory bag size has been doubled (but we’ve removed your free additional bag). Same space, more convenience. Additional bags will be purchasable in a future patch.
  • Equipment tooltips are now active in the Inventory and when buying/selling. Item comparison tips are coming in the next patch.
  • You can now right click to sell, buy and equip items.
  • Transmute functionality has been changed to a dedicate “mode”. After clicking “Transmute” in the inventory, you’ll enter Transmute Mode. While in this mode, right click on any item to transmute it. Currently, a pop-up warning will appear for all items – but will be changed in the next patch to apply only to higher quality items.

Enemy changes
  • Enemy damage has had some fixes applied, and been rebalanced for increased challenge.
  • Ranged enemies and their projectiles have new visual FX. It’s easier to detect when you’re under attack from a distance.

Item changes
  • Loot drops now feature visual FX related to quality (and also make objects easier to see). Loot drop tips will be added in the next patch, so you’ll be able to judge if something is worthy of bagging.
  • Corrected prices when buying and selling items. Players should no longer be able to buy and sell weapons from the item shop for profit.
  • Accessories (rings and necklaces) will now drop even less often. However, the quality of accessories has been improved so they always have at least one enchantment.
  • Fixed some item models not displaying correctly (invisible equipment). This includes cloaks & maces.
  • Equipment name colors (for quality/rarity) should now be more visible and reliable.
  • Gem properties now correctly affect player base stats.
  • All weapon element properties have been tweaked to provide a more balanced selection:
    Frost – damage and slow a single enemy
    Flame – sets a single enemy on fire, damage over time
    Storm – damage and stun nearby enemies
    Blast – damage and knockback nearby enemies  
    (note- still some bugs with area region, will be corrected asap)

  • All equipment enchants have had values rebalanced.
  • Cloaks will no longer stack in the player inventory.
  • Armor enchants now produce visual FX on player.

Ability changes
  • Actual ability training prices were updated to reflect the prices shown in the UI.
  • Swath of Destruction can now only be purchased once.
  • Skin of Stone has been changed to affect base defense. While active all fortitude abilities will be boosted.

Mission Specific
  • The “green light” bug – Ainu Amulet not showing on mission completion – has been fixed. Now you’ll actually be able to gain experience from those missions again, and play through all maps.
  • Countless minor fixes to level layout and pathing (thanks to those who are diligently hammering collision!)

Sound & Graphics
  • Weapon enchant visual FX have been improved.
  • Bloodfang Fort missions have had new lighting and level art applied.
  • Foreground object transparency has been reduced, so that structural objects don’t “vanish”.
  • Transparency has been added to some objects that needed it (blocking camera).

Game Stability:
  • Some minor fixes to network stability and lag.

We’ll follow up with another small patch this week, if all goes to plan. It should include the missing item compare and loot tips and address any critical bugs that emerge from your testing.

We appreciate your ongoing feedback and suggestions.

Happy Hunting!

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Post time 2012-11-21 03:10:40 |Show all posts
i assume you guys are done with the update....so there's a big BIG problem, the second mission (Rotten Core) will not load........

if you are still updating and stuff and that's just the server thing, just ignore this comment....XD

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Post time 2012-11-21 05:27:36 |Show all posts
apparently it wont be fixed untill update next week which is very funny ~_~

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Post time 2012-11-21 09:47:53 |Show all posts
It has been fixed.

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Post time 2012-11-21 17:20:12 |Show all posts
Thank you so much for the larger maps and the right click to buy/sell/equip

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