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Author: 6uldv8

Login in timeout, please try again - ongoing [Copy link]

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So you wrote an email to our support department and received no reply?
Sorry to hear that, and would still like to help you, but you aren't providing much to go on.

I've just done a search of our support system for as many key words as possible that might link to your ticket. Nothing returned on these searches:

In Game Name - did you supply this when you sent the support email?
On "login timeout" - the last ticket to contain this issue is from Dec 8th, and that person was sent some Hope as compensation. Guessing that wasn't you.

You've not supplied any other details I can use to track your original ticket.
Your insults to do not help the situation.

It would appear you either never sent an email or you sent it to a non-working address.
If you could supply a copy of the email, then I could see if the problem is with our system.
In the meantime, since email doesn't appear to work for you, why not try the web version?

Going that route, no one ever has a problem.

Regarding the account you lost, that happened because you did not register your account (to get rid of the "TG" style account name). You can still recover that account, but you need to contact Mobage support. They can be reached at http://support.mobage.com

I'm going to share some advice you probably don't want to hear, but I think might help your situation: If you spent less time being "cheesed off" and a little more time engaged in polite poking around of our forum or Facebook page, you would find that there's a solution to the lost account - and that there's an alternative to the support email address. The support info is posted on a daily basis to our Facebook page, is available in game, and would have been provided by any person on this forum if you'd just asked. The "lost account" thing happens frequently enough - again, if you'd just asked, nothing would have been lost.

Alternately, you can continue writing cheesed off posts, telling everyone you can't be bothered, and talking about how you don't need the aggravation... but that doesn't seem to be getting any of us anywhere.

Everyone here is happy to help you out. I'm sure we're all sad to see you struggling. Losing an account sucks. Even more so when there's an easy way to get it back. Same goes with the support problems. Easy fix.

Btw, we aren't here for your abuse/insults. If you want help, great. If you want to continue being cheesed off, then write another post for "Leaving Hell" and be done with it. Thanks.

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