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Idea of the Week: Lieutenants [Copy link]

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Edited by corvosaurus at 2015-1-7 09:47

There is a lot of potential in this game.  It's fun to play.  It's fun to watch your little disciples fight it out.  It has a really good engine and the fact that you can choose to control your minions, or just let them go at each other, makes it appealing whatever your playstyle or mood.  
That being said, I can't help but notice the HUGE amount of potential that remains untapped.  When I play, I find myself constantly saying to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if I could...".  So this thread is my outlet for those ideas.  I hope you will comment and add ideas of your own.  (With concerted support, maybe we can direct the devs attention a little.)

Note that I am focussing on NEW ideas.  I'm not really interested in ways to make myself more powerful, or issues of game balance or even fairness.  I'm interested in things which make the game more fun, and deepen the strategy or the gameplay.

WEEK 1: Lieutenants & Reinforcements

I would like to have something to do with my Uncommon and Rare disciples.  I like a lot of the designs and concepts but after a passed a certain rank, they became relatively useless for competitive play.  So here are some new skills that would allow you to develop and use them (as well as add some more strategic options).

See also: [url=Nemesis Weapons http://spicyworld.spicyhorse.com ... 4408&fromuid=674439]Nemesis Weapons[/url] for another way to involve your Rares.

Note: variables x, y and z would scale up (or down) with the level of the skill

Lieutenant: Bring a level x rare (or below) disciple to the battlefield.  (Balance-wise this is on par with Doppelganger, though it would require a little extra UI to designate which disiciple to bring.)

Reinforcements: Bring the x most powerful (wind/earth/fire/liquid) (common/uncommon) disciples in your collection to the battlefield.  Must be level y or below.  There would be a different Reinforcement ability for each element.  At low levels you'd be limited to Commons, higher would allow Uncommons.  (I imagine this could bog the speed down if x gets much above 3.)

Skinchanger: This disciple enters the battlefield as a Rare from your collection.  When that rare is destroyed (or takes x% of damage) it becomes itself (a Super or Ultra-Rare).

Flesh Puppet: Random level x rare (or below) disciple from your collection to the battlefield.  This disciple loses all its skills and has +y% health, and -z% attack and is slow.  Like a zombie of one of your lesser disciples.  Should be an active ability that you can trigger at an advantageous time.

That's all for this week.  What do you think?

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What is your max deck size?
The idea of having to hold onto rares for skills to work is just

All jokers, rares and SR cards are just feeders when you get to lev 50

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Edited by corvosaurus at 2015-1-7 13:49

My max deck size is 85 at the moment.  I've kept all my Rares because, like many players, I like to collect things.  I'm not sure I'll keep all of them forever.  I'll have to budget my gold... which is part of the challenge of the game for those of us with shallow pockets.

With the abilities I've described above, you'd only need to keep 5 or 10 extra slots with your best choices in them.  Collectors would just have more choices (and more variability).  This would, incidentally, be good for the game as many or most players might buy a few extra slots.  This is a good option for low level, more casual players because slots aren't very expensive and they don't have loads of Ultra rares.  For high level, high power players, chances are the extra $10 is a drop in the bucket compared to what they've spent to get all those ultra-rares.

To me, it increases the strategic depth if you have to choose which disciples to keep and which to "feed".  If all you desire is to have all the most powerful cards, pumped up to their most powerful level, then perhaps you'd choose some of the other skills that one of these disciples would have.  But I believe these abilities could be balanced to be useful.

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In my opinion I revert back to past posts I've read. Let us use our Rares to trade in on jokers. We could do something like 5 max evolved Rares for base joker. But jokers are only as good as the cards we can use them on. If older ur cards would be released to use jokers on jokers would have more use for higher level players. Or let max skill level increase if a max evolved rare shares same skill and same element that skill could be increased from skill 10 to 11. Still have to pay silver still have time to wait. Set max skill level to 12 or 15.

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cody19195 replied at 2015-1-8 04:16
In my opinion I revert back to past posts I've read. Let us use our Rares to trade in on jokers. We  ...

That's a fine idea, cody, for those who want to SPEND their rares and get something for it.  I'd like to find a way to USE my rares in PLAY.  I'd like rares to be relevant to competitive play in some way.  Why give them personalities and skills and neat graphics if your just going to cash them in?

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