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Open Beta Announcement 1/9/2015 [Copy link]

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We'll start Open Beta testing of Chains of Darkness on Android devices (via the Google Play store) in select territories including:

Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. Roll-out to these countries will be gradual, starting with Vietnam and then spreading to additional countries during the Open Beta test period. Initial timing for the first country (Vietnam) is Open Beta launch on 1/9/2015 and remaining exclusive to that country until 1/16/2015 (7 days) at least.

When a new country is added we will announce it via Facebook, the Forums, and other locations. At the same time the game will be automatically added to the Google Play store for that region.

Timing and order for Open Beta rollout is dependent on many factors, including (but not limited to): number of bugs encountered (and time to fix them), amount of data being collected (enough/not enough), ability to adjust tuning based on data being collected, and impact of weekends/holidays. We hope to achieve worldwide launch of the game by end of February, but must stress that this is a fluid process. Could go faster, could go slower.

Your participation during Open Beta is critical. We need your feedback, bug reports, and most importantly - your play data. So, get in there and play the game! You can make the Open Beta process go faster by helping us get more players into the game during this phase. More players = more data = better ability to find bugs and tune the game.

iOS users - Please understand that while we would love to include Apple/iOS in Open Beta, we are unable due to technical and timing restrictions unique to the App Store publishing platform. The iOS version of the game will be released once the game is out of Open Beta.

As of this writing, there are no plans to offer a web version of the game.

The following announcement will be posted on the News/Update screen seen when you first enter Chains of Darkness.


Dear Players,

Welcome to the Open Beta version of "Chains of Darkness."

During the Open Beta you can safely play the game, spend money, and build a player account. There will be NO data reset when Open Beta ends. Your player profiles are safe!

There will be server maintenance, sometimes on a daily basis. Once the game is out of Open Beta, maintenance and updates will happen on a weekly schedule.

Open Beta is expected to last at least until end of February, 2015.

Please, help us spread the word about Chains of Darkness. We need lots of players in the game helping us to test and improve it.

Thank you, for your feedback, bug reports, and data generated from playing the game. These will help us make the game great.

Report bugs you find: https://spicyhorsegames.zendesk.com

Use the Facebook page to say hello: https://www.facebook.com/chainsofdarkness

Use the forum for feedback and discussion: http://tinyurl.com/chainforum

Check out the Wiki for detailed game info: http://tinyurl.com/shCODwiki


Comments and feedback are welcome.


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this game can play in WEB or not??

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Says in the post: "As of this writing, there are no plans to offer a web version of the game."

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