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Beta 1.1.9 Patch Notes (Character Data Reset)  Close [Copy link]

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Beta Update

(Patching complete)

Note: Changes to game balance across multiple systems and items require character data to be reset as part of this patch. You suffer, we know - but for a good cause!

Hail Hunters!

Below you’ll find notes for all the changes contained the 1.1.9 patch. Our focus this time has been around further fixes to item management and tooltips, and some game-wide balancing based on your feedback.

The game server will be down for a little while today (Monday, December 3rd) during the patch process. If all goes as planned, the update should be complete before midday the same day. If that plan changes, we’ll update you here.

Beta Patch 1.1.9

General changes
  • Player starting Health has been increased. Health Max increased per level has been raised, and follows a curve rather than a flat addition.
  • Tool-tips now provide comparisons for relevant equipped items.
  • Loot label tool-tips have are easier to see.
  • Loot drop timing has been improved.
  • Variation of dropped loot is much better.
  • Experience curve has been adjusted.
  • Target Info (HP/Name/etc) is now shown on mouse hover.
  • Further small tweaks to the HUD in preparation for upcoming features.

Enemy changes
  • All enemy collision has been adjusted to reduce likelihood of becoming trapped “inside” enemies when cornered. Please wave a big red flag at us if this still happens to you.

Item changes
  • Armor totals for Head, Chest, Leg and Cloak items have been rebalanced.
  • We’ve added several new cloak designs.
  • Several items have had gem color tints corrected.
  • Several new armor and weapon designs have been enabled, and more visual variety has been introduced at lower level ranges.
  • Greater item variety available from equipment vendor (less repetition), though overall stock lists have shrunk somewhat.

Ability changes
  • Rain of Blows range has been extended, and is much faster – leaving you less exposed during attack follow through. DPS with this ability has been doubled.
  • Skin of Stone now provides even more protection and a greater passive increase to all Fortitude abilities while active.
  • Seeing Red now provides a higher damage boost and a greater passive increase to effectiveness of all Prowess abilities while active.
  • All ability pricing has been adjusted to better match relative power (we’re looking at you, Swath of Destruction).
  • Many small balance tweaks aimed at boosting some of the weaker abilities. Keep letting us know what you think is underpowered, and it’ll get a deserved boost.

Mission Specific
  • Minor collision fixes across multiple missions.

Sound & Graphics
  • Level gating art (magical barriers) have been visually improved.
  • More new level decoration and lighting fixes have been applied to Bloodfang Fort missions.
  • Small art tweaks to Shigemori River missions.

Game Stability:
  • Ongoing improvements to network stability and lag.

What’s Next?
A bigger update is planned for next Monday, focused around character progression and stats. You’ll finally be able to review base stats and bonuses, and we’ll provide some exciting new training options with advanced Abilities and Weapon/Armor mastery!

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, so keep it up - we hear everything. Also, special thanks to all those supporting us on Steam Greenlight;

...hopefully we'll get there next round!

Happy Hunting!

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very fine,bit sad for charwipe but processing needs little casualties =)

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Mission Specific
•Minor collision fixes across multiple missions.

Nice, great to see collision fixes!

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Post time 2012-12-4 13:13:22 |Show all posts
Wow. Congratulations on being #4 on Steam Greenlight!

very impressive patch changes as well, looking forward to testing and seeing the new changes. I'm glad to see an even greater variety in equipment.

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The game getting better and better Congratulations !

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This helps prowess solo play very much . Kudos!

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yeah the game is pretty cool but small at the moment, im glad if its released and the full content is availble =)
PS: i like it that the Game is now much harder than before,so its a Challenge at any point in game u need to watch out what u do =) co.op will then very fine,but we will see what happens.

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