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Beta 1.2 Patch Notes (Character Data Reset!)  Close [Copy link]

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Beta Update

(Patching Complete)

Note: Changes to the way Karma and Mission completion are stored (now shared for all characters per account) mean that data must be reset yet again. We do it out of love - but sometimes love hurts. Your patience is appreciated

Hail Hunters!

Below you’ll find notes for all the changes contained the 1.2 patch. We’ve begun to expose more character progression and stats via a dedicated screen. You’ll be able to review base stats and bonuses. We’ve also begun to introduce our framework for further levels of ability training – though you’ll have to wait just a little longer for all the new level 2 and 3 abilities to be added.

The game server will be down for a little while today (Monday, December 10th) during the patch process. If all goes as planned, the update should be complete before midday the same day. If that plan changes, we’ll update you here.

Beta Patch 1.2

General changes
  • The Character Stats screen is now active. We’ll have some more detail on the exact function of each stat for you soon. We’re also looking to expand the data provided based on your feedback.
  • The Inventory and Ability Equip screens have had new UI textures applied.
  • Revival cost will now grow with each subsequent death in a mission – no more free rides!
  • Revival screen delay has been added, to avoid accidental clicking in the heat of the fatal moment.
  • Total Karma is now stored at player account level. All characters you create will have access to this total.
  • Mission Completion &World/Threat Status is now stored at player account level. Any mission unlocked will be available for all your characters.
  • Keeping the Karma picked up during missions no longer requires that mission be completed. The karma is immediately and permanently added to your total.
  • Added “World Balance” bar to the World Map screen. This shows the average threat across all unlocked missions in the region. We’ll later be connecting this to a persistent status effect applied to all characters.

  • Mission Success and Level Up process have had some additional notifications added. Some bugs remain with stat reporting here, however.
  • The mystery man in blue finally succumbed to your repeated beatings. May he rest in peace… until you desecrate his mortal remains, that is.

Enemy changes:
  • Ushi Oni should once again playhis death animation.

Item changes:
  • Some item name string errors have been corrected.
  • Some Nodachi specific loot object issues were fixed.
  • Fixed some more minor bugs with item management and equipping.

Ability changes:
  • The UI framework for training further in abilities is implemented in part. Though all abilities can be further trained, only a few actually provide the improved performance at this stage, and the information on effects of subsequent training is mostly missing.
  • Abilities in the Training screen are now sorted by price.
  • Rain of Blows now affects multiple enemies and has increased range.
  • Seeing Red & Stone Skin weren’t being calculated properly. Some changes have been made to the base formula

Mission Specific:
  • Continued collision fixes across multiple missions.
  • Repositioned some breakables near edge of play areas, so they can be reached by player.

Sound & Graphics
  • Some new mouse cursor graphics added – more to follow.
  • Improved NPC Interaction SFX response.
  • Weapon models now correctly affected by scene fog & lighting.

Game Stability:
  • Yet more minor improvements to network stability and lag.

What’s Next?
Our next update brings a first look at our Summon Ally system, allowing you to bring along your fellow hunters when tackling a mission, and share in the reward. We’ll also be implementing the Tutorial mission, which delivers some basics and a little narrative setup.

In addition, we’ll expand a bit on the current World Balance bar, so it provides varying global buffs (for all your characters) based on the average threat state of the region.

All the new Ability and Weapon/Armor Mastery Training options didn’t quite make it for this update, but they’ll be in for next Monday – or we’ll eat our hooded cloaks!

We are listening to your ongoing feedback and suggestions – keep ‘em coming.

We're considering the best way to give the Android version and our Multiplayer a Kick. Something to help those features really get started. Let us know if you have any thoughts on that subject ;)

Happy Hunting!
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I will love to see some android beta testing as I am mostly on android.

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Aww another reset. :< Oh well, the game looks bloody beautiful! As always.


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