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Author: Feanyar

Thoughts on SH game-design decisions [Copy link]

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Edited by Feanyar at 2015-4-17 11:29

Edited a quick TL;DR state-of-the-game into initial post... Currently to busy to add a long, elaborated wall of text.
Well, some of it can be read here, here and here.

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Back before island events all SH had were raid boss events; SH came out with the islands and people had the EXACT same issues with it the author posted about them (we didn't get items from the island then either, all it was for was crystals and an island monster, 4 were EP rewards, 4 were winnable by top 50.  no shops either)

I remember the outrage on these forums about all the island events, and the lack of Raid boss events.  And I remember the forum admins stepping in and laying out some cold hard facts.  SH made more $$ in their first island event then they had made from this game since it's inception prior to that event.  In the month that followed, the 4 island events made SH an obscene amount of $$, i think the number the Admins laid out was it would take 7 Raid boss events to = 1 day of an island event.  

The result is SH stopped doing RAID events, the community was up in arms, and SH came back and created "ROOD" as a peace offering.  It was their way to make $$ from raid events, and because they could make $$ from raid events they started having them again.  

I suspect all the complaints will accomplish is prove to SH there is a commodity that the community will buy, they'll present something new which can be sold, which will give you what you're looking for.  It's how this game has evolved up until now.  You know they've been talking about guilds since the day the game first started?  I suspect its taken this long because they're trying to figure out how to make $$ from it.  This isn't a criticism, the game designers need to get paid for their game.  Just the reality of the situation.

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azanimefan replied at 2015-4-19 05:20
Back before island events all SH had were raid boss events; SH came out with the islands and people  ...

Hmm. Thats interesting. I wasn't around back then, so all I ever knew was the Island->Raid->Island->Raid->... method with an equipment as reward for each. As I stated in my initial post, I assumed that islands net a greater cashflow - and thats already under the assumption that rood and forced ERB-spawns cost gold if you aim for the high ranks, and accepted switching between the event modes.
Back then, my main complaint was that no raidevents a) cut-off newer players from gaining equips (75k EP on island is hard if you cant farm Irkalla yet) and b) raidevents are mre fun since you can do other stuff too and dont need to dedicate 100% just to get the equip.
The availibility of equips as such was never in question, since the 3*UR-revenge island w/o equip were supposed to be a temporary solution over lunar NY and the release of patch 2.45.

Well, between when I wrote my initial post and now some things have changed:
a) Island became a necessary farmspot for augment mats.
b) Equipment as event reward disappeared.
c) revenge events went down from 3 old URs to 1 old UR - still without equips (see b).

As result, a succession of either island OR raid wont work or the community will cry during raidweeks that they cant farm for augments. SH realized that and introduced the hybrid-event this week. A very good solution if you ask me. If they feel that they cant miss out on the cashflow generated from competitive island farming, a island-event -> hybrid -> island ->... schedule would work nicely.

However, one thing remains: It's the lack of equipment as event reward.
Even for those who didnt aim for top-ranks, events were attractive because of the equips. Esp. this WWWB-raid-revenge component hurts alot from a mediocre attractive "ranking" reward without equip-shard drops from the raids - thats why people complain about the hybrid-event even though it is a good idea!
The event design is like one of the 3D puzzles. It's almost done and looks good, but without this one, important centerpiece (equip-rewards) it all falls apart.
This hybrid mode of events would be great - IF it had equipment shards. Hell! I'd sing a chant of hail to the Dark Lords of Spiciness.

Fun fact: Adding equips to the events wouldnt actually cost SH anything. Considering how busy they are with CoD release and patch2.5, even just reusing old event-equips would be fine - and that means its basically zero-cost for SH.
It would not only silence most of the complains, it would even generate more cashflow, since:
a) some people would spend gold to complete it, if they didnt manage to do so with free ressources
b) with more equips availible, the aquisition of more/new disciples becomes attractive again. Right now it hardly is, because due to the lack of equips the new discis are weaker by default compared to the already equipped old ones.

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