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Item equip suggestion [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-2-27 17:06:50 |Show all posts
Edited by vexsis448 at 2015-2-26 23:19

Ok so I just recently made a mistake, a catastrophic mistake... And it made me think of a new feature you could incorporate to help reduce this mistake.  I just recently replaced a silver item with a 1 star item by accident intending to hit sell... Sent in a request to support not 2 mins later as I saw what I did right away... But to help reduce this I was thinking of 2 different methods.  

1: require a confirmation and notice of replacing a high level item with a low level item, and no noticed for selling items or replacing with high grade items.
2: don't even allow the option of equip when clicking on an item of lower grade.  Still make it possible to hold and move into slot you want if they really wanna downgrade but the equip button completely remove when clicking on lower grade items.

Also another suggestion, for those who don't want to gain levels offer an option where you can do event quests and such and have the xp converted into SC or something.

Just some food for thought.

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Post time 2015-2-28 00:41:18 |Show all posts
Can't see the #1 option hurting anyone. I approve.

Locking the level by spending the experience on another thing... looks interesting, even with the guilds and upcoming stuff.

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