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Crazy Fairies "Design a PVP Map" Competition.  Close [Copy link]

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The Amazing Crazy Fairies “Design a PVP Level” Competition.

We here at Spicy Horse are thrilled to see the passion of our Crazy Fairies players on a daily basis in the chat rooms. With players constantly engaging us developers and offering suggestions, improvements and even pointing out bugs.

So, we decided to tap into this community spirit and have a little competition.

The competition name clearly speaks for itself, but here’s some rules…

1) Levels to be submitted as .jpg or .png in any dimension you like, but try to keep it sensible. (eg.. less than 2000x2000)

2) Levels can be either 2D or 3D (If 3D, make sure that the left and right sides can "wrap around")

3) You must show a box or 'something' to indicate character size within the map.

4) You can either fully colour your level, or describe the visual style if you lack the artistic ability. Try to make it 'fairytale themed'

5) You must also indicate 8 spawn points within the level.

6) The level name must be 15 characters or less, be fairytale themed, and NOT INAPPROPRIATE (Spicy Horse has the right to change level names if we decide)

7) There is no limit on the number of entries per person (although a person can only win one of the three prizes)

8) Winners to be announced on Oct 29th on spicyworld.spicyhorse.com

9) Spicy Horse will implement the winning level at a time of their choosing.

10) Spicy Horse owns the right to use any of the submitted entries.

11) Spicy Horse can modify any submitted level to fit in with Unity technical limitations if required.

To submit Entries, simply reply to this thread with your entry picture attached and also your Crazy Fairies in game name.

Note... A player can only submit entries as one of their Crazy Fairies characters. Submitting under different alternative characters to attempt to win more than 1 prize is not allowed and such players will be disqualified.


1st prize: The player will receive 150g and get their level made and put into Crazy Fairies.

2nd Prize: The player will receive 100g.

3rd Prize:     The player will receive 50g.

So what are you waiting for. Flex those artiscic muscles and show us what you've got. Make the levels, tall, wide, simple, fiendish, silly or ANYTHING. It's all up to you.  But remember, above all..... HAVE FUN !!!

- Flight

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Post time 2012-9-29 04:48:46 |Show all posts
Wow this is awesome, I'll definitely try to make something if I can get the time and energy to do so.

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Post time 2012-9-29 05:14:23 |Show all posts
I will just copy and paste since I can see how to add my name to the post:

Here is my map idea called The Briar Patch.  In the background I envision a twisted patch of thorny briars against a night sky with a full moon and lots of stars. In the foreground I see a compartmentalized misshapen  dome of thorny briars that one has to either blast their way to the enemy or teleport themselves to them. A person would begin in one of 8 places. One in the upper left, one below that and again one below that one. the right side starting positions would mirror the left. In the middle, two people would start out in either the same place in the center of the briar patch or possibly separated, one up and one down.

If this were to become a PVE map I see Farmer John with his deadly pitch fork accompanied by 2 Scare Crows with piercing sharp straw being blasted at us with hurricane force.

Also in the spirit of the season add pumpkins to it.

Anyways that is my idea and i hope I described it well.  My main is Riker. Thank you.

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Edited by Mister_Cat at 2012-9-30 13:01

Hmmmm.. how about Alice's Wonderland? (will put pic later and will be thinking about it)   

same person ,forgot to login

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Edited by equality at 2012-10-1 03:28

Ok, I will participate. Sorry for the imperfect English.
(Same name in game than here).

I am not a cartoonist, images are schematic drawings not real.
The hardest part is choosing which tracks to develop (it takes a little time to develop a track).
I leave aside "the pond of Paradise" and "fair Oddyssey" and "the belly of the troll" (but it would have made me laugh with hoses and ribs decor and gastric movements as a wind).

Maze Circus

Mind: to give the feel of a map crazy, a maze.
The setting: a giant clown face with horns. A minotaur in the Crazy Fairies world.

The pvp goal : to multiply the possibilities of funny situations.
We can hide, we must often break the scene  to reach the opponent ... and in all cases, in the first round, you wonder how to reach the opponent...

Edit : i'm not sure we can see the picture, there's a message about permission.
It's here also :

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Edited by equality at 2012-10-1 00:11

Another one.

Liliput Beach

A giant, Mr. Langelot is held captive on the beach. Attached by ropes. His pupils moving. His nostrils stir.
In the background, the sea moves: in the water, screaming octopus and the face of Poseidon. A small boat tossed with a princess.

- Elements destructible: the body of the giant, ropes, branches.
- Visitors (team or ffa) clash. To release Mr. Langelot? To keep it attached?
Would not it dangerous to release Mr. Langelot?

Bonus: it is not part of the contest, but I find it interesting to imagine at the same time a pve dimension. Therefore:
- Monsters in phase 1: the "bits" attack to defend Mr. Langelot visitors. They look like hairy toes and launch nail clippings.
- Monster Stage 2: Mr. Langelot gets angry. His nose comes to life. It moves along the teeth of the tabs as caterpillars. His weapon sneezing. The projection of a sticky mucus (which freezes the player 1 turn).

If the picture is not visible, it's here:

And here for the bonus:

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Edited by equality at 2012-10-1 00:10

The last, truly.

Office crying

Office crying, of course, is the court of the underworld. Represented here in the form of administration haunted by two old sisters, the Cuite sisters.
Everywhere shelves full of files (relative to the souls of the dead since the beginning of time). A depressive map.

- Destructible elements: the shelves, lamp, desk.
- Visitors (team or ffa) clash. The challenge: the possession of the souls of the deads.

Bonus: it is not part of the contest, but I find it interesting to imagine at the same time a pve dimension. Therefore:
- Monsters in phase 1: the twin attack visitors with stacks of files.
- Monster Stage 2: The director appears. Mr. H. Of (Hades). Appalled by the mess, he did not look angry. Just sad. He cries. Tears that hurt the visitors.
Specificity: Mr. Director loves his dog Cerberette. A groomed poodle with ribbons. At round two, the director stop crying, watching her dog. And his second attack is a double attack: he throws the dog's ball to a player. Then he throws Cerberette to the player. And here it hurts, because Cerberette is firce and terrible.

If the picture is not visible, it's here:

And here for the bonus:

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Level 6

In front of a keyboard, somewh

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Post time 2012-9-30 23:53:21 |Show all posts

These are very good. I'm impressed.

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Post time 2012-10-1 00:09:09 |Show all posts
If it pleased you, you should be in the jury
I'm kidding, i haven't done that for the price. The winner won't be able to buy even 2 diamonds with it

If i find time maybe i'll do another one. Not sure to find the time.

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Player  Post time 2012-10-1 01:18:45
Mister_Cat replied at 2012-9-30 12:49
Hmmmm.. how about Alice's Wonderland? (will put pic later and will be thinking about it)   

same p ...

umm thanks for the idea >

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