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new element or hybrid elements? [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-3-6 22:09:04 |Show all posts
Edited by garzos at 2015-3-6 22:27

will there ever be a 5th element?
for example a death/shadow element?
it could be put into the middle of the rage amulet allowing you to revive your dead disciples in battle.
this could also be the element without advantage or disadvantage on other elements.

it will make more room for new cards such as shadow demons or undead creatures without adding a element to it that does not fit to it

also it would be nice to have cards that are for example fire/earth at the same time.
or cards with 2 elements you can switch between while editing your deck in your disciple list.
i know we already cards like scion who have liquid skills but is wind but that's not the type of hybrid i'm asking for

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Post time 2015-3-6 22:43:33 |Show all posts
Then Sun/light and Dark/Shadows elements))

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Post time 2015-3-7 03:32:58 |Show all posts
Nicola5 replied at 2015-3-6 22:43
Then Sun/light and Dark/Shadows elements))

light element doesn't fit hell does it?
got any idea's for it?

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Post time 2015-3-7 05:15:15 |Show all posts
We have two Wind cards with Liquid skills, but both of them wasn't planned.
Their element was changed on the last minute and they "forgot" to change the skills.

Hybrid cards should be an interesting thing to come in the future, where we could select between 2 distinct elemental passives, or two different element AoE in the same card.
Also we could have something in the mix, like a Fire Tornado or Magma Jet skill, gaining bonus from two elements.

Adding other elements should work as well but not releasing one card of each time. Probably it would be better to release a bunch of them at the start, in a different event zone and then they could be released as the other ones.

I don't dislike the idea of a new element, or even "neutral" cards coming up, with different elemental passives or not. I can see potential of a large diversity of teams.

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