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Author: SingleServed

Has the fear skill been nerfed? [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-3-26 21:50:33 |Show all posts
Although I want Fear and DS are nerfed but unfortunately they don't, fear's range is shorter than other aoe skills as TFK2 said.

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Post time 2015-3-27 03:47:53 |Show all posts
Thanks all for your replies.
I partially solved my issue:

1. I had two characters with same skills equipped; DS and fear, and althoung my meele char. had fear on 1st slot and Ds on third and the archer char the other way around, in the arena they were displayed invertedly... bummer

2. I still find my fear skill lasting shorten thatn the 6.5 seconds. So question here: DOES CHARGE SKILL CANCELLS FEAR ON ENEMIES AS WELL? im charging with my slow char after fearing the enemies to get him into the battle.

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Post time 2015-3-29 20:03:42 |Show all posts
I hear you SingleServed, I too have issues w/ fear. Not so much it not working, but not giving the full fear duration when Charge is involved. It's not just from using it after the fear. From my experiences it seems that the problem is almost always FA or Chary... fight starts, move FA in, all target chary/FA, lava charge, fear..... waiting till near the end of fear to shockwave, BUT what's that? everyone else is still frozen in place and chary/FA runs out of place and drops fear or other skills a good 2 secs early? nice. I would appear the Fear that was cast while FA/Chary were stunned doesn't really do anything. They get the fear purple mark over their head, but they seem to come out of CC when charge duration would have ended. Again, can not confirm if it's all or just those 2, but I can't remember ever having the prob on someone else.

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