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Suggestion: IM difficulty depends on which island you finish yesterday [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-3-26 18:49:51 |Show all posts
Made this suggestion on a FB group and many seem to like it, so I thought maybe I would post it here to see if that's something SH can implement in future release.
A lot of players (ones who don't have full FA, etc) are frustrated with not able to finish IM. Many with strong cards only can get pass the first island if they were lucky because SH match you with stronger enemies the stronger you become.

Instead of having IM difficulty depends on how strong your cards are (which itself doesn't make a lot of senses for players to be penalized for improving your cards), why not have IM matches us with enemies depends on how well we did in IM yesterday?

Maybe something like this:
Each time you cannot finish IM, you will be matched with weaker enemies the next day. (even weaker enemies if you can't pass the first island)
Each time you finished IM, you will be matched with slightly stronger enemies the next day.

Players with difficulties finishing IM will be less frustrated and it will also make IM a bit more challenging and interesting for players who it daily (like me ).

If you like this idea, please post your comments to support it.

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Post time 2015-3-26 19:02:09 |Show all posts
I don't like the idea at all... That way everyone would end up winning similar number of times regardless their team.

Isla mare is already too easy
It should get harder and harder the more yoi advance and doimg so the same way for everyone, so the stronger you get the further you arrive.
If they are losing despite having strong cards it's because their team doesn't have sinergy or strategy so te cards may be strong but the team is weak. They simply need to grow a stronger team

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Post time 2015-3-26 19:30:32 |Show all posts
Edited by cuddle13 at 2015-3-26 19:32
Spike13 replied at 2015-3-26 19:02
I don't like the idea at all... That way everyone would end up winning similar number of times regar ...

not sure why you think everyone will win the similar number of times regardless of their team.
If your team is strong enough, you can tackle even stronger teams so you can still finish IM like 95% of time (for example).

If your team is weak, you may not be able to finish IM 3 days in a row before the enemies are weak enough for you to finish IM (reset), then basically you will finish IM 1 in 4 days..

How can that be the same? Maybe it wasn't clear that the IM difficulties should reset back to NORM after you won from this advantage or every week.

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Post time 2015-3-26 21:29:07 |Show all posts
Well if it get easyer and easyer you will get to a point you win, if it get harder and harder you will gett o a point you lose. From that moment onward you will win one day (making it harder) and lose the day after (making it easyer)

If you reset after winning if you are having it easyer and reset also after losing if you are having it harder you can bypass the problem.
Yet i would prefer a system of equal difficulty for everyone.

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Post time 2015-4-2 20:31:29 |Show all posts
May be change points awarded based on strength of the cards you are fighting. Maybe somthing where the Attrition of your top cards, but a win, should give you more points. They can counter rigging this by the remaining health on your remaining cards.

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