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The Metagame [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-3-28 14:08:16 |Show all posts
Here's a suggestion to both improve balance and increase the diversity of teams (making more demons relevant).

Spicy should keep an eye on the metagame and taylor new abilities/skills to counteract ones that are overpowered or over-represented.  For example, Fear, Demonic Sanctuary and elemental buffs have become too dominant, so they should design demons with skills to take them down a notch.

How about a FEARLESS skill?  Can you imagine how popular that would be?
Or how about RALLY - your disciple removes fear from allies within a certain area.  Great for playing manually!

Try FLURRY: disciple makes five rapid attacks at some low damage percentage.
Or FORCE INVERTER: anyone in a shield takes feedback damage.
FORCE THIEF: each time you hit a shield, you get your own shield equal to some percentage of the damage.

They tried element specific protection but it was REALLY underpowered.
SHORT CIRCUIT: enemies passive skills don't work for a few seconds.
ELEMENTAL SIPHON: your disciple heals an amount proportional to the elemental damage the target does (including all the buffs).  This would be 4 skills, one for each element.
OVERLOAD: target does elemental damage (including buffs) to each disciple nearby.

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Post time 2015-3-28 21:34:35 |Show all posts
Sound pretty good and confusing

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sounds kinda cool. id like to see more skills in game

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