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New Disciple Suggestion - UR with r3 feeders [Copy link]

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Edited by Belzial at 2015-4-1 06:08

Name: No suggestion offered
Element: Suggested Earth, because only element that doesn't have a UR with this evo model (to my knowledge)
Skills: Beat



Trickle (liquid equivalent to beat/breeze/kindle, +55% water damage)




Further Info: Justifications and explainations.

The inspiration for this suggestion came from 3 things:

1 – my love of Nybras. Her evolution model is fun andinteresting. She has a neutral skillset that makes her useful for all playersat some point in their development. She has a fun and unique attack animation.

2 – The lack of UR’s with the lowest tier elemental buff.Water doesn’t even have one yet.

3 – The new Event Island format, and recent inclusion of a GorgonQueen card in the EP reward structure.

Combining all these ideas, I thought a great solution wouldbe a new card using the Nybras/Golru/Barbas style of evolution. Keepingfaithful to the utility of Nybras, this new disciple provides the lowestelemental buffs for all elements. I suggest that the Feeder cards required areOrdog, Kroni, and Rumbling Murmur, to reflect that this Disciple provides thesame elemental buffs as those cards.

Trap and sunder are useful and element-neutral, but not toptier. In my opinion this provides balance to the card, and also give it a quirk– the max % of all 6 skills is 55%. I like that; it echoes the quirkiness ofthe Nybras design model. Flux is a last addition because it doesn’t rely onelemental buffs, but is a powerful and desirable skill, that in my opinionrounds off the kit of this disciple. It would be reasonable to run an elementalbuff, flux and then choose either between a mid-tier debuff or crowd control.For stats, I would suggest that they are around 300k HP, 8.5k Attack, 9kDefence. This is a little over half of the best disciple for each stat. I wouldalso suggest movement speed should be ‘Fast’ and the Disciple ‘ranged’. Ibelieve this is balanced because it won’t be a huge damage dealer, nor havemassive survivability, so ranged is the fairest class to make it a worthwhileDisciple to use. Following the same reasoning, I would suggest that the attackspeed should be fast –DPS also around 8.5k. This makes Flux more powerfulbecause it scales around DPS, and helps balance the lack of any other damaging skills,and the lacklustre Attack stat.

The Island format becomes relevant because my suggestion isthat the Disciple is released as an Event Island. The Event would have an itemthat is completed at 75k EP. The Disciple is available at 100k EP. Between 100kand 600k, augment shards for the Disciple, as well as copies of the feedercards required to evolve the Disciple, would be available as rewards. In myopinion this reflects the principles that SH seem to be using to guide thecreation of new events. I also think it provides good balance betweenencouraging the expenditure of gold, and creating a goal for players that isobtainable and desirable.

Thank you for your consideration and feedback!

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that they can be beaten"

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Edited by Feanyar at 2015-4-1 06:18

I like the idea of a new allround-utility UR with a Nybras-style for newbies. Giving it all t1-elemental buffs makes it a nice toolbox, flux goes nicely with it since it might or might not get buffed. And buffs dont matter for flux. ;)

However, I'd rather dump the rather useless sunder armor or mediocre trap and give it something else (and utility focused).
Wound / Fracture might work nicely for mare / arena. Ameliorate would fit its utility style too, maybe even hasten for WB-CD management.

Or, if SH really wants to go FancyHorse: Heal All or Heal (active) on a non-healer would supplement this new card perfectly to give it a unique utility touch.

One major point of critizism though:
100k EP is to much, since such a card would primarly be aimed at newer players. And since those cant farm Irkalla (and can hardly afford to do so, without missing to many crucial other things), I'd probably reduce it to 50k for this card (or maybe even 25k if SH has a heart for newbies ;)). Its a reasonable goal for people who cant farm irkalla well without it being a total free giveaway.
In addition to the 75k equipment of course... we really need more equips from events again! Its been so few in the past 2 months...

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Feanyar replied at 2015-4-1 06:16
I like the idea of a new allround-utility UR with a Nybras-style for newbies. Giving it all t1-eleme ...

Thanks for the response, threads don't survive or get any attention without people actually voicing their opinions

I understand the reasoning behind wound/ameliorate etc. Takes away from the novel 55% aspect, but would perhaps give the card more bite. That said, Trap is minor cc which has utility imo, and sunder gives you that extra bust for taking down the stronk mare tanks.

The area I disagree on, is the 'newer player' argument. Admittedly in the liquid meta, there are a glut of high powered cards the experienced player would choose over a 55% liquid buff. But for other elements? not so sure.

Event equips we 100% agree on. Need more pls.

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Post time 2015-4-1 07:10:03 |Show all posts
My main argument for the "newer player" toolbox is:
The "toolbox" (=codename for new card) will have a certain element. Lets say, this element is earth.
Within an earthteam it might be viable in a lategame team too, since it will benefit from all the buffs. But within any other team, it will always be 2nd choice because it will NOT gain the 3 additional buffs. Maybe not even an elemental buff from itself - depending on the utility/needs of the team.

Therefore, the main benefit of the toolbox would be:
a) its cheapness. You only need 1 copy and would be able to obtain that in a reliable way. Thats very good news for newer players who cant hope to get a shot at top50 in events and scrable to get honor/virago for their primary URs.
b) A "starting point" for building / using cards of different element. Esp while you still use some SRs (just because its the best you got), having a supply to buff them with at least one buff would be really useful. And you could switch around easily. This is great for newer players, while it only matters a bit for veterans who already have fleshed out support/buffers for multiple elements.

a) It will not match your primary element. If its eg. earth, it will not benefit from FAs doublebuffs - or if you're further into the game, from any buffers you run in non-earth teams.

As you see, the advantages mostly benefit newer players (unless you use it in an earthteam, it would be viable there even lategame).
The disadvantage hits veterans hardest, because they are already capable of providing multiple buffs for their main elements. On the other hand, the disadvantage doesnt matter to much for newer players - simply because they aint got anything "better" (more synergetic) anyways and are happy to buff up whatever they got a bit. And if they can do so with a card that has useful stats just by itselt - even better! For them, its a real improvement.

Thus my conclusion that this card would show its full potential in half-finished earlygame deck and therefore it should be availible to those players to - with reasonable effort relative to their capabilities.

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Feanyar replied at 2015-4-1 07:10
My main argument for the "newer player" toolbox is:
The "toolbox" (=codename for new card) will have ...

Valid points. I guess I'm jaded by my own playstyle - I aim to build a deck for all 4 elements

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