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Improving PvP [Copy link]

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Now that guilds is almost here, I'd like to revisit Laserman's idea of having elemental rankings.  Get them starting on thinking about the next update.

I had a related idea of battling for dominance in each of the map "cities".  You could set up a ranking system where each city had a King, four Princes, 16 dukes... or something like that and you would have to be a duke to attack a prince, prince to attack king etc.  (You could even give players the title King of ___ etc.)

Whoever holds the position sets up three defensive teams.  One made up of friends.  One made up of guild-mates.  One made up of your own demons.   To unseat a player, you'd have to "run the gauntlet" of these three teams.  

Perhaps there could be some sort of reward or privilege, like you get some tiny percentage "tithe" each time a player fights that city.  Maybe your defenders would sometimes show up in the waves people battle.

There could be four elemental thrones that operate in a similar way.

This is a very rough idea, needs balancing/revision.  Just putting it out there to get people talking.  The important thing is a better form of PvP with more compelling strategy and goals.

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