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Author: TFK2

Shard farming for water team is screwed! [Copy link]

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TFK2 replied at 2015-4-11 00:31
Lol, most of the replies have nothing to do with the topic. Fire teams use Melee cards the most, cov ...

I partly except your point, although as we all know - phalanx is actually broken. The fact that fire has lots of melee is another issue with the element - far too much overlap in viable fire disciples in terms of skills as well. Liquid is much more balanced in my view, as I tried to explain earlier. Water does have phalanx actually, and recently got a 2nd decent melee you could comfortably run both buffs + normal buffs + element buffs in a liquid team ( hoarfrost: phalanx, attune, fear | tefnut: shower, Untamed, no quarter | akarius: stream, enrage, swamp | baba/cq/lamia: Dark emp, cover fire, x | just 1 example off the top of my head).

WB participation varies for every player of course, but max is 14, which is worth 10/10/10 large DB if you do it well. I manage this with a wind deck, so I'm not biased, I just think if a discussion is being had, it should be balanced. To this end, i accept that some people use an awful lot of rood on WB - my point is merely that even after just 1 'round' the leaders are typically liquid decks. It happens~

I agree the discussion is largely off your topic (i tried in my post to at least address the Orginal Issue). I think this is because there are 3 elements getting disadvantaged by the current setup, not just liquid, whereas in many important areas of the game, liquid has advantages.

Skipping is definitely one solution. I can only agree that others will share your sentiment, and once again voice fears that if something doesnt give, SH will lose money, and that this will affect those of us that love the game. Seems like a lose/lose situation at the moment, and that's sad

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I use Tef, CQ, QQ and Lamia for raids, works pretty well for me, on WB I use Tef, CQ, Chary and WW, with a friend has DS and fear. Thats 3 DS and 2 Fear, enough to finish the whole fight.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one skipping the event. Lots of SH's decisions didn't make much sense to me. They know giving double gold offers to make players spend but they don't know improving the game will make players support the game too. All those limits they put in the game, like your inventory space, do they really think I will keep spending money on events if I don't even have enough space for the cards? I skipped many events just because of that. That's like walmart putting on a limit on how many items per customer can buy. There are thousands of players in each event, maybe even more, but only 50 people gets to finish the card? If they let top 100 or even 200 get to finish the whole card, there will be much more players spending to compete for the card. You want lots of people spending little money instead of a few people spend lots of money, same reason how walmart got so rich. Waiting a few months to finish a card is crazy too, I have never played a game like that.  If you want to sell something, you want to sell them fast, the more the better, before customers change their mind. Who the heck would give customers part of the stuff and make them wait for a few months before they can get the whole thing? I like the whole we want to make them rare and hard to obtain speech, but they are pissing off lots of players at the same time, and players = pay checks.

Basically, not spending anything and get 4 cards from an event = spending bunch of money and ended up getting only 7 cards. Either way you can only finish the card from Revenge event, arena shop or lost shop somewhere down the road.

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TFK2 replied at 2015-4-10 17:27
I use Tef, CQ, QQ and Lamia for raids, works pretty well for me, on WB I use Tef, CQ, Chary and WW,  ...

Much easier to agree with you here. I do feel like the SH team have a very set idea of what they want the game to be, and what they want to make us as players accept.
I've seen dotted around, comments from various employees to the effect of 'yeah its not the best, but we are doing this particular thing to make money etc' (for example tokay asking players to uprate CoD because it delivers more profit per $ to SH than the gate does).
I've seen a few comments telling us broadly what the SH plan is (examples include the 2.45 post, and FTs recent post about revenge [already referenced].
I've seen scores of players give ideas, and agreement for ideas, and requests, and feedback, and support, for things that WOULD make them spend and engage, and of course, the opposite - criticisms, feedback, and drawbacks about the current way of the game.

Sadly, what i HAVEN'T seen, is much sign of SH taking this data point into consideration, or acting towards the interests of the players, or even actively seeking/noticing our feedback. From a paying player, free player, new player, or even straight business perspective, I can't see the value of the current model that seems to be being enforced. New players are too restricted by hope and disciple power to do well in island revenge events, old players have the card complete, or enough copies that they dont need to spend to obtain them. That leaves those with E-peens, who will spend the same regardless of the event, or the middle ranks. But using current event as an example, how many will want to invest $ /gold into nestorats, when the upgraded version (mo) is available now in shops. We can only fill 4 spaces on a team, and most players arent really comfortable expanding the inventory to more than 65 I think.

I'd have therefore thought that equipment (20 slots per team) would be more relevant to more of the player base, and more worthy of $/gold. But that's been hacked right down currently. And is more expensive in shops, than for 8 copies of a disciple. Bringing back old equip wouldnt cost extra for designing either, and the island system has EP tiers in place that we know can be changed easily.

New disciples cost $ to design, but appeal to everyone - check out the high EP totals for the Hell Bunny as an example, and the mix of teams that were in the top 50.

I just hope all of this is temporary, because of all the effort going into guilds, and that when they go live, the game will go back to looking like the fun and thriving community game it was when i joined at christmas.

Ouch, think I probably rambled a bit there. TL;DR - crey.

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they are lucky, so many players are here to help them making a better game for free, lots companies have to pay for market research etc. Let me just say, what the boss man horse wants is one thing, what players want might be another, lets see who has a deeper pocket. When the boss man horse is no longer able to maintain the game, he has no choice but to get off his high horse and go for what players want instead .

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TFK2 replied at 2015-4-10 19:24
they are lucky, so many players are here to help them making a better game for free, lots companies  ...

unless the paying players all get disenchanted and have to quit the game first, taking all their money elsewhere

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Edited by TFK2 at 2015-4-11 03:51

they dont have to quit the game first, just stop paying will do. I use to spend a few hundred bucks when they do double gold offer, but not anymore, every week there is a new card, why do I need so many cards? I only use 7 cards for WB, raid bosses and IM. Even if there is a much better card coming out, I will have to spend a couple hundred bucks to get it, then level it to level 30, then have to spend even more money to get gold equipment, then tons of farming to get those equipment to higher level, and I have to do a few Aug along the way, takes weeks just to level up the skills. Only then, I can replace one of the cards I use with it. With all the work, is it worth it?

Before they messed up PVP, more cards = more attacks because of the cool down, now you only need 4 cards for pvp. I think the current system is forcing me to focus building my main team, instead of jumping all over the new cards coming out each week, and none of the cards is good enough for anything for a long time. I still have lots of those event cards that are not even NMed.

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Edited by Deztroyez at 2015-4-10 15:27

I keep hearing about this 'GUILD'... can't wait to see it... Augment is kind of cool... some players claims it doesn't work... I don't understand the math either... beside it super hard to collect SHARDS - THAT YOU REALLY NEED.... the ones you don't need I got plenty... I wish i could sell them just like equipment for some SC
Honestly I like the game space... but 5 minutes for 1 hope is hella long... and on top of it 100 gold coins for 50 hopes (also how come the refill only goes up to 50 max? it should refill your entire hope especially if you've been playing for awhile and at 60+ hope count)

I think they need to reduce the wait time of 5 minutes in half or reduce the gold coin to 25 (will encourage more people to spend money and get the game fun by playing continuously)

But thats not going to happen!!!

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