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SUGGESTION: different levels for each island [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-4-6 21:13:25 |Show all posts
Edited by cuddle13 at 2015-4-6 21:16

I think one change that should be relatively easy to implement but yet can bring some new challenges/excitment to the game is to have different levels of difficulties for each island. You need to complete the easy ones in order to unlock the harder ones. Once the harder ones are unlocked, you can just farm those.. Make the tough ones very tough and require mixtures of cards and strategy so that players can no longer rule all with just one team.
Right now, the game really slows down and everything feels more of a chore than fun.
Maybe easy and medium will only drop one shard.. while tough and godlike levels will drop 2 (but those are insane to beat and only top 5% players can do it)...

something like that.. this gives people purpose to improve their cards too.

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I think the island is good as is.
The only bad thing about it was the introduction of the augment materials in there. I wish there was a dedicated augment island, apart from the one that happens on the events. There, it could work as you suggest.
I can even suggest a augment shop in that island to get the specific shards, and leave some room for other stuff in the other shops.

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