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Author: Ravensice

Shards... [Copy link]

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Post time 2015-5-4 04:38:49 |Show all posts
This Thread (link) should answer all your questions about augments and disciple shards. It should really be stickied... ^^

PS: Note that some augment materials names have changed. The drop-locations and what you need per augment level remains unchanged tho.

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Post time 2015-5-6 07:23:29 |Show all posts
Shards doesn't make a card. You need the card first, then you can augment with shards. Shard are only from +2 and above. Click disciple, augment, then if you check the item, it will show where to collect it.

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Post time 2015-5-6 08:55:13 |Show all posts
Hi Ravensice and all, as of May 5th 2015, extra shards (those we can not use or need) can neither be traded nor sold, and some necessary shards used to "augment" and improve some cards are not available at all (Charybdis for example)...

FT <FlightTribe> one of the Support Techs from SpicyHorse replied to a question regarding missing shards yesterday and said "Hi there. Thanks for contacting Spicy Horse customer support. Any shards missing from the game will be introduced as part of the Guild feature when that arrives. Hopefully soon"... (End quote)

So for now; some shards needed to Augment some cards are not available anywhere, and the ability to either trade or sell shards that we don't want or need is not currently possible. Perhaps with the next patch release which is expected to allow us to create and join Guilds; I'm personally hopeful that we'll be able to sell or trade unnecessary shards and hunt for, or buy the ones we do need from one of the shops.

So let's cross our fingers' and hope these issues are resolved with the next update. ETA on the next game patch is unknown at this time. Hope this helps answer your question and concerns.


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